Gather round folks, and find out how you can win a signed copy of Three by Jay Posey!

Three, by Jay Posey, artwork by Stephen Mayer-RassowAs part of Jay’s Blog Tour for Three, “his stunning debut”, we’re running a Tour-wide Giveaway for two signed copies of Three. Each blog has an individual question, and answers can be found on Jay’s Website, in the Book Description / Jacket Info, or by reading the Chapter 1 Excerpt. Simple!

Stay tuned to Jay’s Blog Tour to read about Post-Apocalyptic Bounty Hunting; Jay’s survival tips for the End of the world; how he built the world of the Duskwalker, and his favourite settings within; what inspired him to write Three; and much, much more! If that doesn’t sound like enough, here’s a taster of the reviews rushing in:

• “Three will unplug you! This powerhouse of an apocalyptic read cannot and will not be denied!” My Shelf Confessions
• “But even with action aplenty, Three is a novel about redemption and the return to humanity and Posey injects every character interaction with meaning and pathos to spare.” 52 Book Reviews
• “This was very impressive [with] its fast pacing and well-written action sequences, sometimes alternating between the viewpoints of the various characters like you see in movies, creating this atmosphere of danger and suspense.” The Bibliosanctum
• “The book has the hard-edged, gritty feel of postapocalyptic fiction. The dialog is terse; the action sequences pound along. But don’t think you’ve escaped into a world without tenderness. It’s there, even if in some cases its encased in armor and eclipsed by the need to survive.” Book Realms
• “Three is a great start into a new series. The post-apocalyptic world that Jay Posey created in Three is brilliantly constructed, it’s just chock-full of the cool stuff, futuristic gadgets (guns and the like), augmented people and not forget the Weir.” The Book Plank

With 20 chances stops along the way, that’s 20 chances to enter…so what are you waiting for? Hop over to My Shelf Confessions for the first Guest Post and Question 1!

Three Blog Tour Banner
Major thanks to Tabitha for the banner!

BLOG TOUR LIST! (their # corresponds to the Question # that stop has!)

1: July 17th –  My Shelf Confessions
2: July 18th –  In Case of Survival
3: July 19th –  Dangerous Dan’s Blog
4: July 20th – A Dream Within A Dream
5: July 23rd – Cabin Goddess
6: July 22nd – 52 Reviews
7: July 23rd –  Troubled Scribe
8: July 24th – My Bookish Ways
9: July 25th – Cheryl’s Book Nook
10: July 26th –
11: July 29th – The Founding Fields
12: July 30th – Lily Pond Reads
13: July 31st – Terror Tree
14: August 1st – Wilder’s Book Review
15: August 2nd – Working for the Mandroid
16: August 5th – SF Crow’s Nest
17: August 7th – The Book Plank
18: August 8th – Books, Bones & Buffy
19: August 9th – GeeksVersusNerds
20: August 5th – No More Grumpy Bookseller

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