The Age Atomic, by Adam Christopher, art & design by Will StaehleAs previously announced, Adam Christopher will be launching The Age Atomic at Forbidden Planet in London, this coming Thursday (4th April) at 6pm. Pick up a copy of the paperback, or treat yourself to the highly-collectible limited edition hardback (100 copies, only) of Empire State or The Age Atomic!

We hope to see you there!

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey, April 2013The following evening (Friday 5th April), from 6.30pm at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, London, Joseph D’Lacey will be signing copies of his first Angry Robot book, Black Feathers.

Joseph had his first signing at Blackwells, Edinburgh, this last weekend, and it was standing room only! Be sure, then, to get to Big Green in plenty of time (and sample their other wares – they’re a fabulous indie book shop).

SFX says of Black Feathers:

It’s an involving, well-told tale… at the heart is a black, thin-feathered phantom with a legitimately frightening name: the Crowman.

If you can’t make the signing (and you should – Joseph’s a great reader, and excellent with a pen!) you can pre-order signed copies here.

Signed copies of Adam’s books can also be pre-ordered.
This link for The Age Atomic paperback, this for the limited edition hardback, and this for the Empire State limited edition hardback (ignore the incorrect date on the Empire State page).

And some other fine folk have said some great things about Black Feathers, too:

“Sometimes… a book captures your imagination in a way that it takes residence in your brain, and the more you think about it, the more special it becomes. That’s Black Feathers.”
And Then I Read a Book

“A bold beginning to a new duology from the brilliant D’Lacey. Two children embark on a search for meaning that is riddled with ambiguity about the nature of the saviour they seek and which, ultimately, provides a siren call to live in harmony with the land.”
Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season

Black Feathers is poetic and compelling. It’s a gripping story crafted around a deep core of eloquent anger. And it’s scary – it’s the scariest kind of fiction – the kind of fiction that rings true. D’Lacey has written a great book of and for our troubled times.”
– Tom Fletcher, author of The Leaping

“Dreadfully visionary. Appallingly inspired. One could wear out a thesaurus trying to articulate the singular fusion of qualities that has come to define Joseph D’Lacey’s work. Alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) horrifying, mesmerizing, shocking, unsettling, and beautiful, and always deeply intelligent, it’s utterly unlike anything else I’m aware of. It’s also utterly wonderful.”
– Matt Cardin, author of To Rouse Leviathan and Dark Awakenings

“Spectacular is the word I’d use to describe [Black Feathers]. Nothing else can capture the reading experience.”
– Shadowhawk at The Founding Fields

“I really did love this book, as it had everything I was looking for and more, and really redefined the genres of fantasy and dystopian fiction. I know the two genres have been merged before, but this book just had that special un-put-down-able spark I couldn’t resist.”
– Rebecca at Book Chick City

“Read it. If, like me, you feel like you’ve read every post-apocalyptic book out there, you haven’t. Black Feathers is something different, with a new take on the end of the world.”
– Leanna at

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