Readers of the mighty have already been treated to a first-look at the cover art for Jay Posey‘s first Angry Robot novel – Three, part one of The Duskwalker Cycle – and will have had the opportunity to read an exclusive extract as well.

For anyone who missed out, here’s a second look at Steven Meyer-Rassow‘s brooding, menacing artwork:

Three, by Jay Posey

Three will be hitting bookstore shelves near you when we publish in August this year.


  1. Can’t wait to read this one! The cover would make a great poster.

  2. Love this cover too – like a futuristic Altair! I look forward to this book. One more for the TBR pile!

  3. Woops, left that comment on the wrong blog post.

    The “Three” cover also gives me chills, though. Those eyes!

    The ruined environment in the background is gorgeous as well, and I love the use of blue-tones.

  4. Fantastic, deeply atmospheric trailer. Gave me chills!

  5. This is probably the next book I’ll buy. Looks very interesting!

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