This coming weekend is EasterCon weekend. It is also Easter weekend. A happy little coincidence, there.

You’ll find various Angry Robot folk at the convention, and when they’re not in the bar, they’ll be at the following panels/panel games (Angry Robot bods highlighted):

FRIDAY 29th March

4pm – 5pm – Superheroes on Film
Faster than a speeding bullet, superheroes have escaped from comics to films and found a whole new audience! How have they changed in moving to Hollywood – is there a formula, when is it worth breaking, and what should be done next? CE Murphy moderates a panel including Susan Booth and David Tallerman.

4pm – 5pm – Small Press Stories
What’s it like running a small SF/F Press? Editors from some of our local publishers share stories about their business. Colin Tate (Clarion Publishing) moderates Bob Neilson (Aeon Press), Peter Crowther (PS Publishing), Donna Scott (Immanion) and Ian Whates (Newcon Press).

5pm – 6pm – Games in Fiction
Whether it’s role-playing games, chess, or virtual realities, games are a popular element of SF and fantasy stories. Why are they so useful to authors? Or are they just fun? Lee Harris moderates Chris Hill, Adrian Faulkner, Sarah Newton and Walter Jon Williams.

5pm – 6pm – PS Publishing
Yorkshire’s very own specialist publisher gets Eastercon underway with an event to launch new books by five of the UK’s leading SF and Fantasy writers. “Universes” by Stephen Baxter. “Starship Seasons” by Eric Brown. A Very British History” by Paul McAuley. “Martian Sands” by Lavie Tidhar. “Growing Pains” by Ian Whates.

6pm – 7pm – The Magical British Countryside
How does the landscape of Britain affect stories set in it? Where does the magic lurk, and how does it inspire writers? Sue Mason moderates Tiffani Angus, Anne Sudworth, Mike Shevdon and Freda Warrington

7pm – 8pm – Genre Get-Together: Fantasy
Meet authors and get books signed! Anne Lyle, David Barnett, Francis Knight, John Lenahan, Anne Lyle, Juliet McKenna, Peadar O’Guilin, Liesel Schwartz, Gaie Sebold, Kari Sperring, David Tallerman will be signing.

9pm- 10pm – Underground London
Take one London. Add magical society hidden from most people. Mix in famous places from the city, and optionally garnish with police procedural. Why is this such a great recipe? With Paul Cornell, Roz Kaveney, Anne Lyle and Simon Morden.

9pm – 10pm – Graphic Novel Selections
It’s easy to miss good comics these days, with so much going past. Our panel recommend some personal favourites from all areas of the medium. With Stephen Aryan, CE Murphy, Alys Sterling and David Tallerman.

SATURDAY 30th March

11am – 12.00 noon- The Stories in Games
Narrative games require stories to work, whether they are tabletop RPGs, LARPs or computer game. How do these stories differ from those in books and films? And how do you fix them when the encounter the enemy (or “player”)? Mike Cule moderates Ian McKenna, Emma Newman, Marcus Rowland and Adrian Tchaikovsky.

12 noon – 1pm – Non-Western SF and Fantasy
Anglophone writers and books by westerners still dominate the bookshelves, but Japan, China and India (to take three examples) also have thriving sff traditions. The panel look at the trends outside the Anglophone and western worlds. Rochita Loenen-Ruiz moderates Aliette de Bodard, Stephane Marsan, Sarah Newton and Gillian Redfearn.

12 noon – 1pm – Genre Get-Together: Fantasy
Meet authors and get books signed! Sarah Ash, Janine Ashbless, Paul Cornell, Roz Kaveney, Rochita Loenen Ruiz, CE Murphy, Mike Shevdon, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sara Jayne Townsend

1pm – 2pm – Reinventing Urban Fantasy
There’s a lot more to urban fantasy than tattooed women hunting supernatural beings in the USA. Our panel explore the boundaries of the genre, and its metaphors. With Terry Jackman, Adrian Faulkner, Dave Gullen and Emma Newman.

5pm – 6pm Motherhood in SF and Fantasy
Where are the mothers in our depictions of future societies and fantasy worlds? Very often absent or ignored. Our panel looks at the depictions of motherhood and asks what more we can do. Terry Jackman moderates Aliette de Bodard, Chris Beckett, Mike Cobley and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

7pm – 8pm – Genre Get-Together: Science Fiction
Meet authors and get books signed! Tony Ballantyne, Stephen Baxter, Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Mike Cobley, Cory Doctorow, Jaine Fenn, Gary Gibson, Simon Ings, Stephanie Saulter

SUNDAY 31st March

10am – 11am- Maiden, Mother, Who? Older women in genre fiction.
There are plenty of kick-ass young heroines these days, but their mentors are nearly always male. Where are the older women in genre fiction, and why aren’t they written about, or put on TV, more? Caroline Mullan moderates Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Ian Sales, David Tallerman and Freda Warrington.

11am – 12 noon – Why is the Future Drawn so White?
When the protagonist of Justine Larbalastier’s Liar was whitewashed in the cover art, both the author and the internet were outraged and the cover was eventually changed. Yet characters of colour are still all too often absent or elided. How can we work to challenge this and why does it happen? Caroline Hooton moderates Dev Agarwal, Aliette de Bodard, CE Murphy, Tajinder Singh Hayer and Stephanie Saulter.

12 noon – 1pm – Ready, Steady, Flash!
Lee Harris challenges authors to produce short themed fiction live, within 5 minutes, and then read it out, with the audience deciding the winner! Paul Cornell, Cory Doctorow, Roz Kaveney and Emma Newman scribble, and Donna Scott entertains while they write.

1pm – 2pm – Cityscapes
The great cities of fiction: Trantor, Cities in Flight, Ankh-Morpork. Who lives in them, how do they work, how do you write them? With Jaine Fenn, CE Murphy, Ian Whates and Walter Jon Williams.

1pm – 2pm – Advice for Writers: Settting
Practical experience and observations on writing believable and detailed environments. Darren Nash moderates Chris Beckett, Aliette de Bodard, Simon Morden and Gaie Sebold.

6pm – 7pm – Author Readings
Mike Shevdon and Emma Newman read from their recent work.


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