Urban fantasy fans everywhere, prepare to be delighted as you digest our latest book deal announcement: we’ve signed up Tim Waggoner, author of the hugely popular Nekropolis saga, for the first two volumes of a brand new series.

The Author, Tim WaggonerIt’s Men In Black meets The Sandman as Tim invites you to meet the fine men and women of the NightWatch: a supernatural agency dedicated to hunting down rogue nightmares that escape from other realms when people dream about them, while ensuring that other dream-folk are allowed to live among the regular, human population… as long as they play by the rules.

The first book in the series – Night Terrors – will be published in the summer of 2014, with a follow-up volume scheduled for early 2015.

Tim Waggoner was kind enough to say: “One of the many wonderful things about Angry Robot is that they don’t publish cookie-cutter fiction. They seek out the different, the unusual, and – in my case – the downright weird. It’s a joy to be working with these mad geniuses again.”

And our very own Senior Editor Lee Harris said: “Tim’s Nekropolis was one of the first books we published when we launched Angry Robot, and it has been popular with our readers ever since. I’m hugely looking forward to our working with him again more than 100 books later!”

You can find out lots more about Tim Waggoner at his website: www.timwaggoner.com and be sure to follow him and bombard him with the usual messages of congratulation etc. on Twitter @TimWaggoner.


  1. Okay great news but still hoping for more Nekropolis!! Awesome characters that I really want to read more of. I look forward to the new series.

  2. Great to hear — congrats to Tim.

  3. Can’t wait for these, they sound awesome. That being said can we have some more books in the Nekropolis world, as those rank as my favorite Angry Robot books of all time, and I have read them all.

  4. Looking forward to reviewing these for http://WWW.SFREVU.com. Loved the Nekroplis novels. Only wish it were sooner.

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