Cover reveal number three is the rather lovely artwork that will grace Between Two Thorns – the first book in Emma Newman’s Split Worlds series – which we will be publishing in a few months: March 2013 to be precise.

If you’re a member of Emma’s Split Worlds mailing list then there’s a good chance you’ll have seen this one over the weekend. But if this is the first time you’ve seen it, please feel free to make a small “ah…” sound as you feast your eyes on all its swirly loveliness:

Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman

(Click the cover pic for a larger version)

Connoisseurs of book cover art will surely recognise the work of Sarah J. Coleman, who has also created covers for the likes of Gregory Maguire, John Connolly, Holly Black, Christopher Fowler and many, many more.

Gorgeous, no?


  1. Oh, holy shriek!

  2. Very. Even without knowing the artist, I remarked to Emma that it looked very much like Cassandra Clare’s novel. Feature, not bug.

  3. That is a wonderful piece of cover art. I will certainly be looking out for this when it is released

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