Hello, hello and welcome to another Robot Round-up: your regular dose of linky goodness from the Angry Robot flavoured corners of t’Interwebs. We’ll start this week with…

The Merchant of Dreams, by Anne LyleAnne Lyle‘s forthcoming Elizabethan fantasy sequel The Merchant of Dreams (January 2013!), which was reviewed this week by Bane of Kings at The Founding Fields. He seemed pretty impressed: “This may be one of the best historical fiction/fantasy novels of 2012. Venice, Pirates, Skraylings, politics and some epic action scenes in sixteenth century Europe make sure that The Merchant of Dreams is a worthy successor to The Alchemist of Souls.”

Meanwhile, Anne is giving away a signed, unabridged (13 CD) audiobook edition of her debut novel, The Alchemist of Souls. The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, the closing date is Tues Nov 27 and you can find details on her blog.

Aoife has been saying good things about Ramez Naam‘s forthcoming hard sf debut Nexus on her Footnotes blog, calling it: “a thrilling near-future science fiction tale of human modification and enhancement.”

Lee Collins‘s The Dead of Winter was reviewed by James Lovegrove for the Financial Times and he said: “Cora is a powerful, no-nonsense protagonist, handy with six-gun and sabre, and her character – tortured, hard-drinking, yet tender – gives the novel bite.”

Lee Battersby‘s fantasy debut The Corpse-Rat King was reviewed by Scott for The Pacific Northwest Writers Association’s Author Magazine (you’ll need to scroll a bit after the link) who said: “Bawdy, inventive, and often darkly funny, The Corpse-Rat King is an entertaining and surprising fantasy adventure.”

Chris F. Holm‘s first two Collector series novels, Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye have been reviewed by Kelly of Kellyvision. Kelly says this of Dead Harvest: “This book is one of the most fun novels I’ve read in a while.” and this of The Wrong Goodbye: “this book and its predecessor are amazing and I can’t imagine that you won’t love them. Highly, highly recommended.”

Still glowing with the success of his SciFi Now Book of the Year award win, Adam Christopher took part in an #SFFWRTCHT session on Twitter this week, the transcript of which has been posted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

‘The Unburdened Heart’, the latest in Emma Newman‘s ongoing Split Worlds short story series, is now live at The Founding Fields.

Andy Remic has been talking about his Next Big Thing, The Iron Wolves (details here).

Guy Haley has been musing on the morality of using Robots to fight future wars, over at live4.com. All rhetorical, of course. Once we unleash the Legions of Robotic Doom, it all just becomes a matter of time until the inevitable victory of robotkind. Which makes his participation in SF Signal’s Mind Meld on Optimistic SF somewhat… optimistic, no? 😉

That’s everything for this round-up. Come back at this time next week, or thereabouts, for another dose of linkage.

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