Hello, hello and welcome to the latest Robot Round-Up. Short and sweet this week, so without further ado:

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013Cassandra Rose Clarke‘s The Mad Scientist’s Daughter is still a couple of months away from publication (February 2013) but is already starting to strike a powerful chord with the reviewers who’ve read it so far.

Katherine at Shades of Sentience said: “The characters are what drives this story, whether it’s Cat struggling through life, her mad yet grounded and caring father, the friends and lovers Cat meets throughout her life, or Finn, the android who doesn’t want to be human yet seems like the most perfect creation.” And Vicki at Open Book Society called it: “one of the most heart-clenching and gut-wrenching love stories I have ever read” and “an instant favorite with fantastic re-readability.”

Meanwhile, back in monster-infested Colorado, Lee Collins‘s weird western debut The Dead of Winter was thoroughly reviewed by Bane of Kings at The Founding Fields, who said: “How do you make vampires more original? You put them in the Western genre. Collins has created a stunning debut here that is sure to entertain.”

Madeline Ashby has been interviewed by Brenda Cooper for the mighty SFSignal.com on the subject of “her fresh take on the future (with robots)”.

Madeline has also being weighing in on the subject of sex appeal, with reference to the recent Tony Harris cosplay rant. Short version: “Confidence is sexy. Whining isn’t.” (And just in case you were wondering: yes, all Angry Robots do have a factory-default setting of ‘supremely confident’…) And Chuck Wendig offered these words of wisdom on the same subject: “Go forth, be geeky with the love of the thing in your hearts. Don’t let anybody put you down. And don’t put anybody down in return.” Well said, both.

Chris F. Holm has been talking to Angie at the Open Book Society, going in-depth on the background and development of his ongoing Collector series: Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye (so far…)

Anne Lyle has announced the launch of her new blog project, www.geekwriter.org, where she’ll be talking about the “technology and other toys” that she uses in her writing.

Gary McMahon has revealed that he will be in Newcastle on November 24th for for Horror Saturday at the Newcastle Winter Book Festival, if you’d like to meet him and get him to sign stuff for you.

Maurice Broaddus has announced that Mo*Con 8 will take place from May 3rd – 5th next year, in association with the Indiana Horror Writers and with special guests including Jim C. Hines, Saladin Ahmed, Gary Braunbeck and Stephen Zimmer of Seventh Star Press.

And finally:

Awwwww! Isn’t it cute?!? (That’s right, you all fixate on the robo-infusing unit – little suspecting that it contains a payload of mind-altering nanobots – while behind the scenes we bring about the economic downfall of the meat-suits!

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That’s your lot. More next week. Have a good one in the meantime and be confidently geeky to one another 😉