Angry Robot Authors! Git yer Angry Robot Authors!

The fabulous people at Sheffield Libraries have very kindly invited no fewer than five four (Update: 06.11.12 Unfortunately, Adam Christopher won’t be able to make it to this event after all) of our fantastic authors along to a Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers Day, from 1 – 4 p.m. on Saturday November 17th, as part of their rolling Meet the Author programme.

Tickets for the event are free (as are cake and refreshments!) but you will need to confirm your in attendance in advance so the Library can keep track of numbers.

This is a great opportunity to hear readings by, ask questions of, say hello to and solicit signatures (ideally on books, but hey, pretty much anything goes) from the following Angry Robot scribes:

Anne Lyle – author of the Night’s Masque series: The Alchemist of Souls, The Merchant of Dreams and (forthcoming) The Prince of Lies.

Mike Shevdon – author of the Courts of the Feyre series: Sixty-One Nails, The Road to Bedlam, Strangeness and Charm and (forthcoming) The Eighth Court.

David Tallerman – author of the Tales of Easie Damasco: Giant Thief, Crown Thief and (forthcoming) Prince Thief.

Gav Thorpe – author of the Crown of the Blood trilogy: The Crown of the Blood, The Crown of the Conqueror and The Crown of the Usurper.

There will also be a session of ‘how to get published’ advice from Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris and Marketing Guy Darren Turpin, so any would-be authors who’d be interested in finding out what we look for in a potential Angry Robot Author could do a lot worse than coming along to see what Lee and Darren have to say for themselves.

Where and When: Saturday 17th November 2012, 1pm-4pm in the Central Library, Surrey Street, Sheffield

To Book Tickets: tel: 0114 273 4727 or email:

And here’s the usual spot of Google Mappage to help you find your way:

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See you on the 17th!

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