Today we’re ‘ellishly excited to bring you our latest cover-reveal: the devilishly delightful Hell to Pay, the forthcoming (March 2013) third novel in the To Hell and Back series – starring mild-mannered actuary-turned-superhero Chesney Arnstruther – from the infernally inventive imagination of Matthew Hughes.

Click this image for a larger, even more impressive version, which you should most definitely feel free to share on your own blogs, websites and social media places (if you happen to be so inclined):

Hell to Pay, by Matthew Hughes - design by Tom Gauld

Artwork and design is by the terrifically talented Tom Gauld, who of course created the covers for the first two books in the series as well:

The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughes   Costume Not Included, by Matthew Hughes - artwork by Tom Gauld

They look damned good together, don’t they?

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