BristolCon 2012, a one-day science fiction convention organized by the Bristol Fantasy & SF Society, will be taking place this coming Saturday, October 20th, with a strong Angry Robot contingent in attendance.

Bristolcon 2012

Angry Robot author John Meaney (a.k.a. Thomas Blackthorne) will be the convention’s Guest of Honour, and the deeply-missed Colin Harvey is the convention’s “Ghost of Honour”. They’ll be joined by Aliette de Bodard, Guy Haley, Anne Lyle, Emma Newman and Ian Whates, plus Strange Chemistry’s Jonathan L. Howard. Angry Robot Overlord Marc Gascoigne will be there as well, to keep the scribe-bots in line and get the drinks in gratefully accept any alcoholic gratuities that might happen to pass his way.

Convention membership is just £20 and a full Programme of Events kicks off at 10.00 a.m.

See for more details.

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