Today is US, Canada and ebook publication day for Angry Robot’s October titles (which will be available in UK bookstores from Thursday October 4th).

Our October line-up contains two fantastic sequels and a power-packed three-volume omnibus, in the form of Chris F. Holm‘s second Collector series novel The Wrong Goodbye, David Tallerman‘s second Tale of all-round rascal Easie Damasco, Crown Thief and that aforementioned omnibus edition Maurice Broaddus‘s extraordinary modern-day retelling of the Arthurian myth-cycle, The Knights of Breton Court.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick up a copy of any or (preferably) all of the above from your favourite bookstore or online retailer, definitely not forgetting our very own Robot Trading Company for all you discerning, DRM-Free ebook purchasers out there. (This blog post will self-destruct in 5… 4… 3…)


The Wrong Goodbye, by Chris F. HolmThe Wrong Goodbye

by Chris F. Holm

Meet Sam Thornton, Collector of Souls.

Because of his efforts to avert the Apocalypse, Sam Thornton has been given a second chance – provided he can stick to the straight-and-narrow.

Which sounds all well and good, but when the soul Sam’s sent to collect goes missing, Sam finds himself off the straight-and-narrow pretty quick.

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Crown Thief, by David Tallerman - Tales of Easie Damasco, vol 2Crown Thief

by David Tallerman

Meet Easie Damasco: Thief, swindler and lately, reluctant hero.

But whatever good intentions Damasco may have are about to be tested to their limits, as the most valuable – and dangerous – object in the land comes within his light-fingered grasp.

Add in some suicidally stubborn giants, an old enemy with dreams of empire and the deadliest killers in two kingdoms on his heels, and Damasco’s chances of staying honest – or even just surviving – are getting slimmer by the hour.

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The Knights of Breton Court by Maurice Broaddus, (cover by Joey HiFI) - October 2012The Knights of Breton Court

by Maurice Broaddus

The Wire meets Excalibur in this stunning urban fantasy.

From the drug gangs of downtown Indianapolis, the one true king will arise.

The King Arthur myth gets dramatically retold through the eyes of street hustler King, as he tries to unite the crack dealers, gangbangers and the monsters lurking within them to do the right thing.

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