Adam Christopher
Come and meet the author, Adam Christopher
Attention, Adam Christopher fans anywhere near the North West of England, or transport links thereto! The author of Empire State and Seven Wonders, will be hanging out at Waterstones, Macclesfield, from 11 a.m. through to about 2 p.m. this coming Saturday, September 15th.

Whilst at the store, Adam will happily sign copies of both his books, as well as representations of the Empire State cover made out of Lego (if you happen to have one handy) or any miscellaneous body parts (ideally your own and preferably still attached) that you care to put in front of him.

So if you’re anywhere near Macclesfield on Saturday, do come along and say hello! And see for contact details if you can’t make it on the day, but would like to mail order a signed copy of the book. We’re sure the folks at Waterstones will be happy to take your money by credit card and then send you the goods as soon as the relevant postal services allow.

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