Exactly one year ago I flew to Reno, Nevada for the World Science Fiction Convention. I was with some friends, and we headed to a bar and chewed the fat for a while. I got to bed around midnight, but at around 2.00am my body clock had decided that it was time for me to wake up. Yeah, thanks, body clock. Owe you one!

So, I did what I often do when I can’t sleep – I turned on my iPad and logged into my work email account. One of the subject headings read:

Colin Harvey RIP

I couldn’t quite process that. Was it a joke in poor taste? Was my sleep-deprived mind playing tricks? It couldn’t be real – Colin was so young! I opened the email, and my heart sank. The email was from Angry Robot’s Publishing Director, Marc Gascoigne, and it detailed how Colin had died in the night after suffering a massive stroke. He was just 50.

Colin was eternally optimistic, and could always be relied on to lift the mood of whatever room he was in. He was talented, humble, funny, friendly, and a wonderfully warm human being, and I miss him.

While at the convention I kept half-forgetting it had happened, and then suddenly remembering, and wondering still, if it was real. I found myself on the edge of tears every couple of hours, thousands of miles away from family and work, and confused as to how this could have happened to Colin. Surely, it was a mistake? It was Colin, for heaven’s sake!

And now we’re a year down the line.

We want to honour Colin, and do something in his memory, so we’re having a sale – every penny of which will go to Colin’s favourite charity, Above and Beyond.

So, head on over to our Robot Trading Company eBook store. You can pick up the EPub ebook editions of both of Colin’s Angry Robot Novels – Winter Song and Damage Time – along with four of his short stories, for just £6 inc VAT (approximately US$8). This special bundle will be available until the end of August.

And here’s a short film by Sam Lemberg, based on Colin’s short story, Chameleon.


  1. Thank you. It’s still a real gut-punch to be reminded that he’s gone. We all miss him down here too 🙁

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