Who wants to know what we’re publishing in the first six months of next year? You sir, the discerning fellow at the back of the room? And you madam, the lady of impeccable taste in the front row? And how about you, eager young whippersnapper? Want to know what you’ll be spending your pocket money on next year? You do? Well, of course you do!

Here’s the low-down. Click the links or the book covers (where we’ve got ’em already) for full publication details, plus links to assorted online retailers so you can get those pre-orders in good and early, should you feel so inclined:

Nexus by Ramez NaamThe Merchant of DreamsThe Bookman Histories omnibus, by Lavie Tidhar - artwork by John CoulthartThe Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013She Returns From War, by Lee Collins

So many books! So little willpower with which to resist that ever-so sensible-sounding voice in your head that’s saying “Buy them! Buy them all!“…


  1. @Lee: “crack! crack!” said the whip 🙂

    @Chris: Hey, whatever gets folks into the bookstores…

    @Everyone Else: Thank you very much, we’re pretty darn pleased with it ourselves 🙂

  2. I hear “Buy them. Buy them all!” In Toht’s voice from Raiders of the Lost Ark when he says, “Shoot them. Shoot them both.”

  3. Damn there are some good books coming up!

  4. Yay, the Age Atomic date is up!!! As is the Lives of Tao!! Woohoo!!

  5. How to Make a Publisher Nervous
    A two-line poem by Lee Battersby

    April 2013?
    I’d better start writing it!


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