On Monday morning we’ll be welcoming a brand new addition to the Angry Robot team, in the form of our brand new North American Sales and Marketing Manager, Mike Underwood.

Mike will be working closely with John Tintera, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for our parent company, Osprey Group. Mike’s remit will include the ongoing development of Angry Robot’s North American retailer partnerships with all the major store and online booksellers, plus a vast array of indie bookstores. He will, in short, be the go-to guy for all things Angry and Robotic in the North American market.

Mike Underwood looks like this. For now...Mike is ideally suited to the task of getting Angry Robot books into the hand of the genre-fiction-loving masses of North America. has a background in bookselling and publisher sales and has previously worked for the Wybel Marketing Group, representing publishers such as Dark Horse Comics, Night Shade Books, Felony & Mayhem Press, and more to trade and wholesale accounts across the Midwest. Before that, Mike was a bookseller and has worked in the specialty game market. Furthermore, he holds a M.A. in Folklore Studies and when he isn’t selling books or writing his own, he studies Renaissance Martial Arts and dances Argentine tango.

But that’s not all: Mike is also, as of this month, a published genre author. His debut novel, Geekomancy is published by Pocket Star/S&S. Check it out, folks.

You can find Mike online at www.michaelrunderwood.com and do the 140-character thing in his general direction on Twitter @MikeRUnderwood.

Shiny New Angry Robot Mike Underwood said this about his imminent round of excruciatingly painful cyborgisation surgeries and interface control enhancement implantations: “I’m tremendously excited to be joining the Angry Robot team. Speculative fiction has always been my greatest passion as a bookseller and field rep, so I’m overjoyed at the chance to focus my energy and skills onto the world of genre fiction. Wait… there are surgeries?”

Angry Robot’s Managing Director Marc Gascoigne, once he’d finished cackling like a loon and shrieking “Yesss! Yesss! We have him now, our Precioussssss!”, added: “Mike impressed us with his depth of experience and knowledge of the North American bookselling market. His frankly rabid enthusiasm for the genres in which we publish, and a solid understanding of the Angry Robot mission, made him the ideal candidate. We look forward to assimilating him into our nefarious plans.”


  1. Cool! Just in time for the Robot Invasion of Chicago 🙂

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