Here in the UK this week it’s Independent Booksellers’ Week. Indie booksellers are the lifeblood of the community, and as an independent publisher, we’re committed to supporting our friends on the high street.

Welcome to the Angry Robot Clonefiles initiative.

We sometimes feel our customers are having to choose between a physical book and an e-format, when what probably suits them best is to have both in the same package, and so we are going to start giving away the digital version of each of our novels free with the physical paperback, in selected indie bookstores.

We’re partnering with Mostly Books of Abingdon, Oxfordshire in the first phase of the new Clonefiles programme. From July 4th, Customers who buy Angry Robot novels from Mostly Books will be sent the DRM-free eBook version (the Clonefile) of the book as part of the sale, allowing them to read the novel on paper, on their Kindle, or on their ePub-based eBook reader. This Clonefile means that customers at Mostly Books can buy Angry Robot’s books and enjoy them in whatever format they prefer, whether physical or electronic!

We’ve always been champions of DRM-free eBook publishing and have always been eager to experiment with new business and distribution models. A dual-format offering for Indies seems like a natural extension of our customer-first ethos and a great way for Angry Robot to show our love for the UK’s fantastic Indie bookshop scene.

Mark Thornton of Mostly Books said, “As an indie bookshop, we offer a great browsing experience and discoverability and it is difficult to see really innovative ways that we can offer our customers a really valuable service with ebooks. But this is a bold and brilliant idea we think our customers will get excited about. It really offers an imaginative solution that plays to all our strengths.”

Following this pilot phase, we will be opening up the scheme to other independent bookstores, who will be contacted over the coming weeks and months (though enquiries from interested stores are welcomed).

Bookstores wishing to enquire about taking part in the programme should contact Angry Robot’s UK Sales Manager, Roland Briscoe at: or visit our Clonefiles page.

These ARE the clones you’re looking for!


  1. I’m sure plenty of people will be excited about this. Arthritis troubles make my Kindle easier on my hands, so I mostly stick with Ebooks. Angela, I got a great book light from M-edge and use rechargeable batteries with it. Great during the frequent Omaha, NE, USA power outages during thunderstorms. The charge holds for about a book and I keep a spare. God forbid I not be able to read.

  2. Oops, sorry about the previous double comment! I didn’t see the first one go through so I thought I had a browser cookie problem. *^_^*;; (Or um yeah you can take it as a sign of how awesome I think this idea is!)

  3. Oh, what an AWESOME idea. 😀 I’ve been saying for ages that I’d totally pay a little bit more for the privilege of being able to buy both the print and electronic editions of a book.

    If I were a resident of the UK, I’d make a point of patronizing that particular shop just to show my support. And if you ever extend the program to the US (and in particular, to the Pacific Northwest, which boasts several fine indie booksellers), I’m on board!

  4. This is an amazing step to take and if I were a resident of the UK, I’d make a point of patronizing that particular shop just to show my support. 🙂 I’ve been saying for ages that I’d absolutely pay a little more to get both the print and electronic editions of a book I really wanted!

    Because what happens if you need something to read and the power’s out, and you can’t use any of your ereading devices?

  5. Excellent idea.
    Sort of …
    I think it’s generally yet another good idea/initiative by one of my favourite publishers, but it would really make sense in combination with collectible editions. Word is you have very good relationships with your authors, so why don’t you do SIGNED editions (for the shelf) with free ebooks (to read). When I buy the regular pb edition, I can’t see the need for the ebook (though I could give the pb away, but that would defy the purpose as it takes a potential sale away).

  6. Awesome initiative! I like to have paper editions of my favourite authors’ books to add to my collection, but ebooks are often more convenient (especially in a wet UK – ereaders are somewhat more rain-resistant!). I’ve been known to pay for both formats, but it would be nice to get two for the price of one!

  7. If we are not in the UK can we get the e-book and donate the hardcopy book to a library or other reading scheme?

    • Hi Kim –

      That’s a lovely thought, but not quite how the Clonefiles system works just at the moment – the paper edition has to be bought from an indie bookstore here in the UK, and the store then sends us the customer’s details so we can send an ebook.

      As and when we expand Clonefiles to other areas, we’ll post details on the website, so do keep your eyes peeled.

  8. Yes! Go, you good things! That is such a sensible idea.
    So when you get to doing this in Australia, may I suggest Gleebooks, and Better Read Than Dead, in Sydney?

  9. Hi Tim,

    You can buy from Indie stores – that would help.

    And what are we doing to support Indie authors? If you mean unagented authors, or authors not currently under contract by the major publishers, then that’s easy – we’re publishing quite a few of them (and offering them annual opportunities to submit to our list).

  10. I have two questions;

    What can Indie authors do to help?

    How much support are you offering to Indie Authors?

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