This Saturday at the Quad in Derby, the first Edge-Lit Festival/Convention takes place. Angry Robot will be there (of course), so do come say “Hi.” Or even better, come say “Hi. I just found this £50 note – is it yours?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

You can find the full schedule of events here, but these are the panels and workshops with an Angry Robot or two in attendance (Angry Robot peeps in bold):

The Writer and the Internet
Anne Lyle, Emma Newman, Mark Yon (mod)

12.00 Noon
Are We Still Afraid of Monsters?
Emma  Newman, Niki Valentine, Paul Kane, Ian Culbard, Simon Bestwick (mod)

12.00 Noon
Publishing Today
Lee Harris (mod), Christian Dunn, John Jarrold, Sarah Pinborough

12.00 Noon
Reading – Anne  Lyle, Mike Shevdon

Breaking Into Writing
Anne Lyle, Lee Harris (mod), Rod Rees, Gaie Sebold

Workshop – on Dialogue
Mike Shevdon

Reading – Emma Newman, Gaie Sebold

Does Fantasy Need Archtypes?
Anne Lyle, MD Lachlan, Gaie Sebold, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Mark Yon (mod)

Ray Bradbury – A Retrospective
Emma Newman, Christopher Fowler, Graham Joyce, Sarah Pinborough, Mark Yon (mod)

The Edge Raffle
Hosted by Lee Harris and Sarah Pinborough

Tickets are £20/£25, and can be purchased at the Quad (online, or in person).