We’re very, very pleased indeed to be able to make the following announcement:

Following the critical and sales success of Chris F. Holm‘s debut novel Dead Harvest, and with the noise already building for The Wrong Goodbye‘s upcoming release in October this year, we’ve snapped up Chris’s third book in the Collector series.

Called The Big Reap, it threatens to reveal a whole lot more of the machinations of some of Hell’s most powerful characters, as soul collector Sam Thornton gets himself in a whole universe of trouble.

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmThe Wrong Goodbye, by Chris F. Holm

Angry Robot Publisher guy Marc Gascoigne said of the new deal: “Sam Thornton is a wonderful character and his adventures damnably great fun, so we are delighted to welcome him back for more. The talented Chris Holm makes it all seem so easy.”

Author guy Chris F. Holm added: “Look, there ain’t much hardboiled about the word ‘delighted’. Nor ‘chuffed’. ‘Thrilled’ is better, I suppose; puts one in mind of white-knuckled reading. I mean, no one stops in an airport bookstore to pick up a delighter for their trip. Wait, what were we talking about again?

“Oh, right! I am thrilled, and delighted, and possibly even chuffed (being American, it’s hard to tell) to be continuing my Collector series with Angry Robot. The Big Reap is going to be both epic and unexpected, and if I do say so myself, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna rock. But more importantly, it’ll provide Angry Robot – who are, monomaniacal obsession with world domination aside, the finest folks a writer could hope to work with – an excuse to create another kickass vintage pulp cover.

“That’s right, I admit it: I’m in it for the killer covers. If I have to keep writing crazy-ass demonic adventure-noir to keep ’em coming, then so be it.”

Sounds like we’re going to have another killer cover to reveal at some point in the future. Any bloggers out there particularly keen on hosting that one? Shout out in the comments if so…

Update: Chris is running a giveaway contest on his website. Prize packs are up for grabs, which Chris says will contain “a signed copy of Dead Harvest, as well as bookmarks, fridge magnets, custom Dead Harvest M&Ms, and whatever other crazy-ass Dead Harvest swag I happen to have lying around my house.” All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment on the site saying what it would take to get you to bargain away your immortal soul…


  1. Grr. I missed an “and” in there between Hammett and Gaiman. Good thing my books have such ace editors.

  2. Cameron,

    I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to hear that. All writers are fans first, and the thought that I’ve inspired someone just as Chandler and Hammett Gaiman and Powers and Westlake and Block inspired me is very cool indeed.

    Good luck with your own writing, and remember the best training for it is to read widely — it makes all the difference. In fact, if you like my stuff, comb through AR’s catalog on this very site, because I suspect a lot of it will be to your taste; I’m in tremendous company.

  3. Chris F(uckin’). Holm commented back to Anne Lyle?
    Will he read my comment as well?
    …here’s to finding out:

    I’m way too amped to read The Big Reap. I’ve never been much of a reader, but after Dead Harvest was suggested by a friend, and loving it myself, I had to buy The Wrong Goodbye.
    I haven’t read a book in probably over a decade. I want to say thanks for inspiring me to read more, and in that respect, bettering myself as an intellectual. (Intellectuals read, right?)
    Your novels also inspire me to give my own creative writing a shot, for the sake that they read so easily for me, yet create an entirely new world around me as I throw myself into it.
    There’s no telling for certain if I will approach writing anytime soon, but it’s in the cards.

    I’m definitely going to pick up your short stories piece, 8 Pounds, to keep me reading.

    I hope this comment finds you well,
    Cameron Octon (San Diego, CA)

    P.S. – Stop reading this crap and finish The Big Reap, please.

  4. Thanks, Anne! (And thanks also to the AR team!)

  5. Awesome title, Chris! And I agree – any excuse for another gorgeous retro cover 🙂

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