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Blackbirds, by Chuck WendigIt’s been a Big, Big week for Chuck Wendig! A new two-book deal with our own selves here at Angry Robot, another new deal with the mighty Amazon and to ice that particular cake, we’ve caught up with a whole bunch more reviews of his current AR novel, Blackbirds, his week:

• Ed Grabianowski, writing for IO9, said: “In terms of style, Wendig reminds me most of Stephen King. There’s a way of using somewhat fevered, rugose prose to describe both the beauty and horror of the mundane, then switching to a plainer mode when describing the outer limits stuff, that brings to mind King’s 80s and 90s work.”
• Bane of Kings at The Founding Fields said: “Dark, page-turning and awesome, Blackbirds takes urban fantasy to a whole new level. This is one novel that you won’t want to miss.”
• Daniel at The Novel Blog said: “Blackbirds is a riveting and fantastic read that will keep you glued to the pages and longing for more. This is a MUST-HAVE on your summer reading list.”
• Larry at 42Webs said: “This book straddles the ‘psychic’ genera perfectly, embracing those that came before it, like Stephen King, while building something new for itself. This book is a wonderful read and an exciting story.”
• Kah at Not Just Nonsense said: “If you like intense books that ensnare you, leaving you unblinking and attentive until the ride is over, and then stick with you even after you’re done with it, then run and grab yourself a copy of this crazy good tale.” (and also, rather bizarrely, gives away the last line of the book…)
LilyElement said: “I really loved it, and I highly recommend it if you are okay with books that have profanity, violence, death, etc.”
• Julia at All Things Urban Fantasy said: “As cinematic and violent as a Tarantino movie, Blackbirds and its heroine are just balls-to-the-wall tortured and dark.”
• Mary at EyeWryte said: “I should warn potential readers that the book would be rated for language, violence, and some mild sexual situations. But it should also be rated for intelligence, provoking thought, and just general goodness.”
• Josh at Blue Ink Alchemy said: “Blackbirds is an engrossing read, at times incredibly funny and at others something you won’t be able to get out of your head long after you put it down. It is dirty and morbid and vulgar and wonderful.”
• Damo, at Damo Says, said: “this is a book that puts a very strong arm around your shuddering shoulders, and escorts you down a dark alley without room for argument.”
• Last, but definitely not least, J.M. at Whirling Nerdish said: “God bless you, Wendig, for a rip-roaring good read. I’ll definitely snatch up Mockingbird when it comes out.” (and bonus points as well for the first review we’ve seen with cartoon accompaniments…)

Chuck has also been speaking to Gabrielle at The Contextual Life, where they discuss life, death, writing, Robert McCammon and waffles.

Evil Dark, by Justin GustainisThere are new reviews of Evil Dark by Justin Gustianis at Sara’s Urban Fantasy Blog where Sara says: “[Evil Dark is] non-stop Paranormal cop drama/action. From the very first page, I was sucked right back into the author’s gritty world”. There’s another review at Minding Spot – “Evil Dark is a thrill to the very last page – definitely pick this one up!” – and a third at Popcorn Reads as well (although you may get an Anti-Virus warning when you visit that link – something to do with the anti-copying scripts they’ve got running on there?)

Trent Jamieson has been interviewed by The Qwillery and spills the beans on the topic of about his soon-to-be-published Night’s Engines, the second and closing volume in his Nightbound Land duology. They’re running a comments-based giveaway for a copy of either Roil or Night’s Engines as well.

Jo Anderton‘s Debris has been reviewed by Lorraine at Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus – “On the whole, this was an outstanding novel. It was engrossing and original, and left me interested in reading the remaining novels in the trilogy. There was strong character establishment, and a tantalising mystery was dangled before the reader.” Part II of the Veiled Worlds, Suited will be published in July.

The Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S KempPaul S. Kemp‘s The Hammer and the Blade (July 2012) was reviewed by Larry at 42Webs, who declared it to be “wonderful, funny and exciting with a pinch of spine shivering evil added in for flavor.” We’re all about the flavour here at Angry Robot. And there’s a short but sweet review from Upcoming4Me: “next time you feel like reading a good adventure, give latest book from Paul S Kemp a try.”

Chris F. Holm has been talking at length to Mihai at Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews about his writing career to-date (starting at age 6, no less) and the Collector series: Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye.

Adam Christopher‘s Empire State was reviewed by Memory for her Stella Matutina Livejournal blog and she said: “I liked it very much, both as an allusive text and as a cracking story.”

Anne Lyle‘s The Alchemist of Souls has been reviewed by Paul at The Functional Nerds, who was particularly impressed with Anne’s world-building and story-structuring skills: “The author evokes the world well. The action and adventure, the beats of the story, hit very well in time, and there was more than one or two scenes that reminded me of techniques and tropes as old as The Bard himself.”

Kaaron Warren‘s Mistification has been reviewed (in Latvian) by Lasitaja at Lasītājas piezīmes who draws comparisons with James Joyce, no less.

Snippets from our Authors’ bloggings

Gary McMahon is one of the authors involved in a new horror chapbook publishing venture from This is Horror. He’s the co-author, with cheeky Mancunian chappie Simon Bestwick, of ‘Thin Men With Yellow Faces’, which will be available when published from the This is Horror shop or as part of their annual subscription package.

Matthew Hughes summarises his writing career so far: “No Surrender“.

Guy Haley talks about his Top 5 British TV SF Catastrophes and has posted a new short story: ‘She Said‘.

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