Courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance Audio, we have some snippets of some of the quite brilliant audiobooks they have produced of some recent Angry Robot titles.

Last month’s titles: Omega Point and Blackbirds
This month’s titles: Empire State, Giant Thief and Dead Harvest.

Click on each of the links (below) to hear about 5 minutes of each, or to download to your computer for your offline listening pleasure (by right-clicking and saving, or doing what you usually do with these things #techie).

These titles can be ordered as downloads or on CD from Audible (UK / US) or Amazon (UK / US).

Blackbirds by Chuck WendigBlackbirds – Warning: Contains Chuck Wendig!
Narrated by Emily Beresford

Download MP3

Omega Point, by Guy HaleyOmega Point by Guy Haley
Narrated by Michael Page

Download MP3

Empire State by Adam Christopher
Narrated by Phil Gigante

Download MP3

Giant Thief 125Giant Thief by David Tallerman
Narrated by James Langton

Download MP3 

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmDead Harvest by Chris F Holm
Narrated by Brian Vander Ark

Download MP3 


  1. Glad to see or hear)that some of your titles are getting the audio treatment. I’m looking forward to hearing some of them!

  2. Good question, Emma. We don’t actually produce or sell these audiobooks – they’re licensed to Brilliance Audio, who do all the hard work (quite brilliantly, I should add). You’d need to direct your question to them.

    They do sell CD and CD-based MP3 versions, too, so perhaps that would be a route to explore…

  3. Sounds great! Unfortunately, though, Audible downloads are infected with DRM. Do you plan to offer any DRM-free audio downloads in the near future?

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