We’ve developed a bit of a reputation for innovation over the years, and let us tell you – it’s been hell trying to keep our new project under wraps! We’ve been working on this for over two years, and have had all our suppliers sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect our patents before our new device was ready, but the paperwork has now been filed, and the hardware is out of Beta. The official Press Release will go out to all the trade journals tomorrow, but we thought we’d give our regular readers a sneak preview before we’re inundated with press enquiries.

virtual book
Virtual Book - Model VB1(UK) shown.

Ladies and gentlemen, Angry Robot Books (part of the Osprey Group) is proud to announce the world’s first heads-up glasses system, with built-in fiction display. Known as the Virtual Book, there are 4 versions planned for release, later this year. The basic design is the VB1(UK) and VB1(OS), pictured right. The top-end models look like designer sunglasses (rather than the Virtual Reality design of the entry-level model), but they all have one thing in common – Books On the Move. You’ll love our BotM – the technology is deceptively simple in principle. Two hidden cameras film whatever is in front of the wearer, and display the images on high resolution screens in front of the wearer’s eyes (using Asynchronous System Scan, or ASS). The quality is phenomenal, and to the wearer, it simply looks like they are wearing glasses (though brightness and contrast can be adjusted – a godsend on sunny days).

The user then has the ability to overlay text on one half of their vision – the size and opacity of the text is adjustable to suit the comfort of the wearer (using our patented Balance User Management system). The text can be set to auto-scroll, or to have virtual “pages” flip when the wearer performs a pre-defined eye gesture, such as a sharp glance to the right. In this way, the wearer is able to read a book while walking down the street, laying on the beach, paddling in the sea, even driving! As vision is not obscured, it’s 100% safe! Our VB3(OS) and VB4(OS) models also have audiobook technology – read, listen, never be away from your favourite book!

Books can be pre-loaded via USB or WiFi connectivity in ePub, Mobi, RTF, plain text or ODF, and the glasses can store up to 2,500 titles at a time.

The entry-level model (shown above) will retail for just £299 (UK) / $449 (US) and will be available to pre-order for delivery before Christmas! A perfect gift for anyone who loves to read, but can never find the time!

Model style may vary. Launch Date: October 2012.



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