So, it’s EasterCon weekend. Huzzah! And it’s Easter. Huzzah! But it only lasts a few days. Boo!

If you’re booked into the convention, this is the updated list of what the Angry Robot mob are up to:


3pm – Archery in Fantasy, TV and Film
Mike Shevdon (who tells us, “I guarantee that if you see archery in a fantasy film after [this], you will not see it in the same light again. It’s a promise”.) Mike will also be getting his weapon out on stage. o_O

3pm – Before Watchmen
Adam Christopher, with James Bacon, Kim Curran, Gaspode and Steve K

6pm – What is I?
Aliette de Bodard, with Dr Bob, John Dallman and Damien Walter

8pm – Beyond Red Mars
Ian Whates, with Geoffrey A Landis, Paul McAuley, Gareth L Powell and Mary A Turzillo



11am – How Pseudo Do You Like Your Medieval?
Anne Lyle, with George RR Martin, Jacey Bedford, Anne C Perry and Kari Sperring

11am – Non-Anglophone SF
Aliette de Bodard and Lavie Tidhar, with Myra Caakan, Vincent Docherty and Nir Yaniv

1pm – Reading
Anne Lyle (followed by a signing at the Angry Robot stand in the Dealer Room)

5pm – The War on Terror (How Ten Years of Conflict has Shaped SF)
Lavie Tidhar, with Cory Doctorow, Farah and Paul Kincaid

7pm – WorldBuilding (When, How and How Much?)
Anne Lyle, with Suzanne Macleod, Robert VS Redick, Simon Spanton and Chris Wooding



11am – The Fantasy of William Shakespeare
Anne Lyle, with Claire Brialey, Jennifer A McGowan, Arianrhod o Gymru, Erin Horakova and Grant Watson

12pm – Wench! Fetch Yon Tankard Here…
David Tallerman, with Joe Abercrombie, Jaine Fenn and Bella Pagan

1pm – Youth and Youthfulness in SF
Aliette de Bodard, with Janet Edwards, Farah, Tom Pollock and Tricia Sullivan

4.30pm – Reading
Adam Christopher

6pm – The BSFA Awards
Hosted by John Meaney and Donna Scott (AR author Lavie Tidhar nominated for Best Novel for Osama, published by PS Publishing)

8pm – Death of the Author
Adam Christopher and Ian Whates, with Tanya Brown, Roz Kaveney and Ian Watson

9pm – Multicultural Steampunk
Lavie Tidhar with Gail Carriger, Jared Shurin, Kim Lakin-Smith and Genevieve Valentine



11am – What TV Shows Would We Like to See? 
Aliette de Bodard, with Stevie Carroll, Michael Cule and Lexin

1pm – Dystopian YA
Amanda Rutter, with Cory Doctorow, Caroline Hooton, Emma Newman and Tom Pollock

2pm – The Data Deluge and the End of Science
Aliette de Bodard, with Liz Batty, John Bray, David L Clements, Lesley Hall and Nicholas Jackson


Oh, and:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
All of us
– One or more of the hotel bars.

You can also meet some of Strange Chemistry’s authors there, too.

Click here for the full EasterCon schedule.

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