Can We Fix It..? Yes We Can!A quick FYI / heads-up for our regular ebook customers: we’re running some essential maintenance on our ebook shop at this week, which could carry on into the weekend.

Update Friday 13th – Thank You, yes, we’re aware that due to an unbelievably weird set of circumstances and coincidences (which, let’s face it, could only happen on this particular weekday/date combo) if you go to at the moment, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone trying to sell you sports equipment. We’re assuming that once various global DNS servers have been refreshed and have caught up with themselves (24 hours or so, we’ve been told), everything will work as planned. In the meantime, please go straight to (N.B. the lack of ‘www’ there) and you should see the Angry Robot webstore in all its glory.

Update Saturday 14th – Aaaand, it looks like those DNS issues have been resolved and everything is back to normal. This is a Good Thing.

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