It’s Friday afternoon (Angry Robot UK time) and around these parts that generally means one thing and one thing only: pub! Robot Round-Up!

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmWe’ll kick things off with news of another delightfully busy week for Chris F. Holm, who was interviewed by Sci-Fi Bulletin, Debut Review and Shotgun Honey as well.

Meanwhile, Chris’s debut, Dead Harvest, was reviewed online by Unsquare Dance (“Holm has created a world that feels real enough and a story epic enough that you have a hard time believing this is his first published novel.”) and Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews (“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” – nice Bogart quote, Mihai) as well as in print by Library Journal; no online version to link to, but Chris posted an excerpt (“Blending urban fantasy with noir mystery, Holm’s debut is a dark, moody tale of fallen heroes in the modern world.”)

Empire State by Adam Christopher was warmly reviewed by author Graham Edwards (“If ever there was a novel screaming, ‘Adapt me!’, Adam Christopher’s Empire State is surely it.”) and also by David Brzeski for The British Fantasy Society (“This is definitely one of those books which leaves the reader wanting more…”).

Matt Forbeck‘s Carpathia got a fresh coat of coverage as well, with a review at Upstart Projects (“Carpathia is a quality novel. It has an intriguing premise, great characters, and is plain well-written.”). And David Tallerman‘s Giant Thief enjoyed a very favourable write-up by Ed Fortune for Nevermet Press’s Clockwork Reviews (“An excellent debut and I hope to see more from this fresh new talent in the future.”)

Mockingbird, by Chuck WendigChuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds (May 2012) received the latest in a growing list of rave reviews, this time from David Marshall at Thinking About Books (who mused: “This is a wonderful piece of work … however I look back at this reading experience, it was so good, I want it again.”), Angela Meadon, The Wordslinger, (who slung the following words: “Blackbirds is like a stick of dynamite wrapped up in cocoa leaves and doused in Tabasco sauce.” Great imagery, Angela, but remind us never to come to your house for dinner!) and I Wish I Was a Book (where JA declared: “This is urban fantasy, but done in a fresh, bloody, broody, exciting and exhilarating new way. Blackbirds is one of the best books of the year so far, and a real must read.”). Plus: there was cover-love for Blackbirds (as well as the sequel, Mockingbird and the forthcoming Aliette de Bodard omnibus Obsidian & Blood) from Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews.

Anne Lyle‘s Elizabethan-era alt-hist-fantasy The Alchemist of Souls (April 2012) was reviewed over at Staffer’s Musings and I Will Read Books (where Erik called it a “beautifully written story of intrigue, hatred, mystery and love.”). Don’t forget, you can come along and meet Anne (and Clockwork Vampire Chronicles author Andy Remic too) at Waterstones Manchester Arndale branch on March 31st.

Proving that great books will always be in demand, Lauren BeukesZoo City was reviewed at Lightning Tree and Pulp 300 as well.

And not just in English – because we just heard that the mighty Embedded by Dan Abnett has won a prestigious award in France. The Prix Bob Morane has declared the French translation of Dan’s novel – locally, known as Zone de Guerre – by the lovely Julien Drouet the best translated novel of last year. Bloomin’ marvellous!

And finally: (in case you haven’t seen this one already) if you’re a US-based, utterly top-notch, sales and marketing type with buckets of publishing experience and a strangely uncontrollable urge to join the Angry Robot crew (relax, it’s perfectly natural – just means the nano-bots’ programming is working properly) then we’ve got some potentially fantastic news for you: we’re hiring.

That’s it for this week. Have a good weekend, go book shopping at least twice in the next seven days, and we’ll see you back here next Friday afternoon.

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