Greetings, little robotlings. Are your primary limbs arranged comfortably and your comprehension-circuits fully engaged? They are? Good. Then we shall begin.

Blackbirds, by Chuck WendigChuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds is still a couple of months away from its official publication date (May 2012), but word of its extreme wonderfulness is continuing to spread around the blogosphere. The latest outpouring of advance praise comes in the form of a 10/10 rating from Hannah at Fantasy Faction, with a follow-up 8/10 from Starburst Magazine as well.

Meanwhile, Chuck has been talking to The Qwillery about mini meat-suits (or: “Having a Kid Changes Everything“) (and they’re giving away a copy of Blackbirds as well). He’s been hob-nobbing with Matt Forbeck – fellow Angry Robot author and Kickstarter – as well, on the subject of writing, being a writer, offering writerly advice and things of that ilk. What’s more, you can hear him speak to the masses via the medium of Kelly Carlin’s ‘Waking From the American Dream’ Smodcast where they talk about writing (seriously, Chuck wrote the book on writing and more than once, too).

The Hammer & the Blade by Paul S. Kemp is forthcoming as well (July 2012) but there’s an early rave review over at The Civilian Reader (“Highly recommended if you like your sword and sorcery no-holds-barred, dark, action-packed and with an insouciant sense of humour.”) Paul has been talking Sword and Sorcery as part of the SF Signal podcast panel on the subject.

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmChris F. Holm‘s terrific debut Dead Harvest is Out Now and very much so and continues to accrue hugely positive reviews from all over the place. This week we’ve seen write-ups from The Debut Review, Jenn’s Bookshelves, Sci-Fi Bulletin, The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review and Just One More Page, as well as a dose of cover-love from [sic]. All readers of impeccable taste, clearly.

And there’s more! Chris has joined the blogging team at Criminal Minds and kicks things off with an intro to Sam Thornton, star of Dead Harvest and it’s follow-up The Wrong Goodbye (October, folks!). He’s also been guest blogging at Stephen Blackmoore’s L.A. Noir, where he asks “what is noir?” and The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review where he discusses “the new noir”. Chris has also been profiled by Book People bookstore’s Mystery People blog and has been talking to fellow author Suzanne Johnson for her Preternatura blog (Suzanne is also giving away a copy of the book). Go, Chris!

Oh, one more thing: Chris will be making an appearance in meat-space, with a bookstore reading & signing announced for 10th June at Flights of Fantasy Books and Games, Albany, New York. Expect to see reminders of that one nearer the time.

Also published this month and flying off the bookstore shelves – virtual and physical alike – we have Matt Forbeck‘s Carpathia, which has been very favourably reviewed by Ros Jackson at Warpcore SF and raved about on the eponymous Tony’s Thoughts. Fangs for those, folks!

Empire State by Adam ChristopherIn the department of not-quite-so-recently-published-but-still-utterly-awesome titles, we have Empire State by Adam “new-look website this week” Christopher reviewed by blogger Phil Norris, Ian Whates‘s City of Light and Shadow reviewed at City Book Review and The Great Game by Lavie Tidhar, which was reviewed as part of a steampunk double-bill at Terror-Tree. Lavie also took part in a very wide-ranging podcast interview over at SF Signal. Well worth a listen.

A few more reviews for you: Walking the Tree by Kaaron Warren was very favourably reviewed by Narelle at Mortal Words, Aliette de Bodard‘s Servant of the Underworld was thoroughly examined by Keith at Red Rook Review, and Dark War was highly praised by Michael M. Jones at Green Man Review.

And a few more author bits-and-pieces: Gary McMahon talks about his dark side over at Starburst Magazine, Maurice Broaddus has been guest-blogging on the subject of ‘Putting the Urban in Urban Fantasy’ over at Wagging the Fox and Peter Crowther blogs about the time he met Stan Lee and concludes that sometimes you really should meet your heroes…

Finally, although we’ve always assumed this was the most likely scenario, it’s always nice to see that a DRM-free ebook buyer really is a happy ebook buyer, as confirmed by Heather at Bad Book Habit. (Plenty more Angry Robot DRM-free ePub ebooks where that one came from: the Angry Robot Webstore!)

Right, that’s your lot for this week, little robotlings. Now, go do something useful: buy some books (your very favourite author’s books, one of our fabulous authors’ books, or just any old author’s books!) and then have a terrific weekend. Consider that your primary programming until further notice.

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