The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, Omnibus edition, by Andy RemicToday is Official Publication Day for the very first Angry Robot Omnibus: a single volume edition of Andy Remic‘s blood-drenched, über-violent and truly epic Clockwork Vampire Chronicles!

Collecting all three parts of the series – Kell’s Legend + Soul Stealers + Vampire Warlords – the omnibus edition tells the entire saga of the Legendary warrior Kell and his titanic fight against the dread Army of Iron (more details on the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles book info page).

This mighty tome can be yours for a mere £12.99 (print) or £7.99 (ebook) in the UK and US$15.99 / CAN$16.99 (print) or around $9.99 (ebook) in North America (those are the RRPs although of course prices will vary from store to store).

You can download the ebook edition (ePub, no DRM) from the or obtain your preferred alternative ebook format from your favourite online retailer. Or, if you’d rather possess a hefty chunk of dead tree to hold in your own two hands, you can head on down to your highstreet bookseller of choice, or have one delivered to your home by one of those aformentioned online outlets.

To whet your appetite to an even more agonisingly sharpened edge, here are the three promo trailers that Andy Remic produced for the individual volumes:

Kell’s Legend

Soul Stealers

Vampire Warlords

Still here? What are you waiting for? Go! Shopping time! Delaying will only make Kell angry. And you really wouldn’t want to make a guy like Kell angry…