We’ve got some fantastic news for all you fans of Adam Christopher‘s Empire State (and we know there are lots of you out there): we’ve signed him up for another two titles, including the sequel to Empire State.

Adam Christopher - 4 Books and CountingAdam will be revisiting the world of the Empire State in The Age Atomic – which we’ll be publishing in May 2013 – with Hang Wire – a tale of ancient gods and serial killers – to follow within a year.

The deal was negotiated by Angry Robot editor Lee Harris and Adam’s agent, Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Agency.

Adam said (in a press release quote stylee): “I’m delighted to be back for another visit to the Empire State! Rad Bradley is a character close to my heart, and as soon as he reappeared on the page and started throwing punches, I felt like an old friend had returned… albeit one I’m obliged to put through the wringer again! Angry Robot continue to impress with a kick-ass roster of authors and titles, and I’m thrilled that The Age Atomic and Hang Wire will be part of it.”

Our Lee added: “I couldn’t be happier to have more of Adam’s books on our list. Adam joins a very exclusive club – he is now one of only three authors to have placed four books with Angry Robot. His membership card is already being laminated.”

Don’t forget, you’ve still got Adam’s second novel Seven Wonders – to look forward to in September 2012 as well.

And check out a new interview with Adam over at Erik Lundqvist’s I Will Read Books blog for lots more inside info on both The Age Atomic and Hang Wire.