Hey gang – here are three more covers to brighten your week. Click for bigger versions, you know the drill/score/rules (delete as applicable).

You may well have seen the art of The Hammer and the Blade, Paul S Kemp‘s wondrous fantasy of swords, magic and outragous tomb-robbery. Here it is in new Added Lettering-o-vision, with the art by Richard Jones as delightful as ever it was.

Check out, while you are down this way, Paul Young’s art for the third book in the Crown of the Blood series from the redoubtable Gav Thorpe. Looks like Ullsaard has finally flipped out under the evil control of the demonic crown and is about to unload an entire can of whuppass on his priestly minions.

And finally, if you are one of our French-based meat-pals you may have seen the art we’ve adopted for the collected omnibus of all three novels in Aliette de Bodard‘s superb Obsidian & Blood saga, because Larry Rostant’s piece graced the local edition of the first book, Servant of the Underworld. And frankly, it is too good not to reuse for the collected Acatl, Priest of the Dead novels.

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