It’s that time of year again, when members of the World Science Fiction Society decide on their nominations for the Hugo Awards. If you were a supporting or attending member of Renovation (last year’s WorldCon) or if you sign up as a member of Chicon 7  (this year’s WorldCon) or if you’re a member of LoneStarCon 3 (next year’s WorldCon) you are able to nominate works for this year’s Hugo Awards (nominations must be received by January 31st).

As is traditional, we’ve listed below all the works we have published that are eligible for consideration. If you have read any of them, and if you consider those that you have read to be Hugo-worthy, the instructions for nominating can be found here.

Eligible Novels:

Authors eligible for consideration for the John W Campbell Award (best new writer):
  • Trent Jamieson
  • Jo Anderton
  • Guy Haley.
Cover Artists we’ve worked with (eligible for Best Professional Artist):
  • John Picacio (US cover of Zoo City)
  • Spring London (Amortals, Vegas Knights, PointHarbinger of the Storm, Master of the House of Darts, US cover of Death’s Disciples)
  • Steve Stone (King’s Justice, King’s War)
  • Greg Bridges (City of Hope & Despair, Walking the Tree)
  • Larry Rostant (Embedded)
  • David Frankland (Camera Obscura)
  • John Coulthart (Infernal Devices, Morlock Night)
  • Tom Gauld (The Damned Busters)
  • Adrian Smith (Vampire Warlords)
  • Vincent Chong (Dead Streets, Dark War, Darkness Falling)
  • Timothy Lantz (Hard Spell)
  • Richard Jones (Reality 36)
  • Paul Young (The Crown of the Conqueror)
  • Angelo Rinaldi (Roil)
  • Dominic Harman (Debris)
*Books marked with an asterisk were originally published in the UK in 2010, but are eligible as they were first published in the US in 2011.


  1. Damn you, copy&paste! (It’s the first working day of the year and my head’s still fuzzy…)

  2. I’m also fairly certain that Morlock Night and Infernal Devices, originally published in 1979 and 1987 respectively, are not eligible.

  3. I believe you’re right, Liz. Good spot – I’ve updated the list.

  4. Doesn’t short fiction start your Campbell award eligibility? I think Whates, Tidhar, and Broaddus may be inelegible as they all have earlier stories in qualifying publications.

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