Hello and, as always, welcome to the weekly round-up of links and shout-outs for folks that have been talking about Angry Robot and our Awesome Authors in the past week or so.

Also, a quick heads-up: most of the office will be disappearing off to the SFX Weekender at the back end of next week, so if the usual Round-Up doesn’t appear for some reason then that’ll be why.

Right, on with the linkaging! (What? Yes, that’s a word…)

Giant Thief by David TallermanBlogger Elloise Hopkins took a look at Giant Thief by David Tallerman and liked what she read: “An endearing protagonist, a host of excellent supporting characters, a less than communicative giant, and most importantly a unique story, are just some of the elements that make this book worth reading.” There’s another review up at Owlcat Mountain, where the reviewer concluded: “Giant Thief shows that Tallerman has a lot of promise as a novelist and I look forward to what he does next.” We couldn’t agree more. (It’s Crown Thief, by the way, and it’s going to be published this Autumn).

Adam Christopher‘s Empire State has been taking the genresphere by storm since its publication earlier this month and continues to do so, with new reviews from Mark Yon at SFFWorld: “It’s a very impressive debut. The sequel [ahem] next novel from Adam [– AR crew], Seven Wonders, is due out from Angry Robot Books in September 2012. Based on what I’ve read here, it’s going to be brilliant.” Paul Simpson also reviewed the book at Sci-Fi Bulletin and was impressed with the authentic film noir atmosphere of the narrative.

We’ve seen another couple of reviews for Carpathia by Matt Forbeck (published early March) this week. Wesley Chu said: “Mr. Forbeck wonderfully paces his scenes fast and furiously, and builds the plot tension right up to the very end” over at Famous Monsters of Filmland and blogger Theresa Derwin said: “This novel is a hoot and tremendous fun. Definitely worth checking out!” Matt’s Angry Robot debut, Amortals gets a mention as well, courtesy of Voxael.

Reviewer Renee Fountain, writing for The New York Journal of Books, had this to say about Chris F. Holm‘s Dead Harvest: “With a candid style that exhibits solid confidence and finesse, Chris Holm pulls readers in and pins us to the edge of our seats with a cleverly conceived story that is flawlessly executed.”

Meanwhile, Chris is giving away the Amazon Kindle edition of his short story collection 8 Pounds, with a free download this weekend only. Details on Chris’s blog. Go, grab, read!

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne LyleThe first review (that we’ve seen) of Anne Lyle‘s forthcoming (April) debut, The Alcehmist of Souls is live on Drying Ink, where Jacob said: “A rich historical setting, some gloriously ambiguous characters, and a whole lot of unexpected surprises collide to make this unmissable for any fan of historical fantasy.” (You know, we think he rather liked it…)

And the first review (again, that we’ve seen) for Chuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds has been posted at Fantasy Nibbles: “The writing is absolutely outstanding, it’s 100% my kind of narrative, there’s just not a single ounce of fat, it’s all muscle, that’s the best way I can describe it. Not a single word is wasted, every one of them packs a punch.”

Chuck’s ‘This is How You Die‘ Tumblr project also got a mention on The Washington Post‘s Style Blog, no less!

Jo Anderton‘s 2011 debut, Debris was reviewed for Marianne de Pierres‘ author blog by Mandy Wrangles, who said: “Debris is an exceptional novel.” You’re not wrong, Mandy. You’re not wrong.

Madeline Ashby, whose debut novel vN we’re proud and pleased to be publishing in August (did you check out the cover art that we announced earlier today? Did you? You really should) speaks out on the subject of media piracy, SOPA, PIPA and things of that ilk at madelineashby.com.

Gary MacMahon‘s Dead Bad Things gets a mention in Peter Tennant’s Best of 2011 review for TTAPress.com.

Val’s Random Comments and Adam Lowe both took a look at Lauren Beukes‘s debut Moxyland, which we’re re-issuing in bright, shiny new livery next month, folks.

Two Dudes in an Attic finally got around to reviewing Aliette de Bodard’s second Aztec noir offering, Harbinger of the Storm. They liked it, a lot.

And finally… no, I got nothing. Just: have a great weekend!