Hello again, and welcome to our weekly links round-up of all the latest happenings from the Angry Robot flavoured reaches of the Internets. Or something like that. My last caffeine dose is wearing off, I probably need to re-charge. But I digress…

Empire State by Adam ChristopherEmpire State was reviewed online by Red Rook Review, The Geek Syndicate (who also ran an excerpt), The Weaving Knight and Starburst Magazine, where it was said: “This is simply one of the greatest science fiction books I have ever read”. The latest issue (#63) of SciFiNow also ran a four-star review: “Empire State is highly recommended to those who like their sci-fi dark, pacey and woven tight by multiple threads of intrigue.”

Meanwhile, author Adam Christopher was interviewed this week for The Ranting Dragon. And just as we posted this round-up, the fine folk over at Tor.com posted their own chat with Adam, which took place while the author hosted a signing of Empire State at the New York Public Library recently.

Lavie Tidhar‘s The Great Game, the concluding instalment in the steampunk extravaganza that is The Bookman Histories, is out in February and has been reviewed by Drying Ink and Libris Leonis. He also gets a whopping ’10 out of 10 zeppelins’ from a review on The Traveler’s Steampunk blog, wherein it was said: “Lavie Tidhar has once again created an outstanding Steampunk novel. Gripping, multi-facetted, and fascinating.” Stick that in your boiler and fuel your airship with it.

David Tallerman, whose debut novel Giant Thief is also published in February, was interviewed for The Mad Hatter’s Review and the book received a cracking review from Marc Alpin at Fantasy Faction, who reckons: “this book will be one of the finest débuts of 2012”.

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmChris F. Holm spoke to Elaine Ash about the design elements of his forthcoming (March 2012) Angry Robot debut Dead Harvest, for her Ashedit blog.

Carpathia by Matt Forbeck (March 2012) has been advance-reviewed by Shadowhawk for The Founding Fields.

Paul S. Kemp held a forum-style interview/chat with Reddit’s Fantasy Community this week, talking about his Star wars titles and, of course, his forthcoming Angry Robot debut, The Hammer and the Blade (July 2012). Plus: if you haven’t already seen it, check out the cover artwork for said tome, here.

Anne Lyle, whose debut The Alchemist of Souls we’re publishing in April, has been interviewed by Civilian Reader.

Dan Abnett was a guest on fellow AR-author Kaaron Warren‘s blog this week, for the latest in Kaaron’s Sparks series of author interviews.

K. W. Jeter‘s Infernal Devices received a rave review from Fantasy Nibbles.

Aliette de Bodard‘s Master of the House of Darts was reviewed by WarpcoreSF.

Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis was named as one of Sci-Fi Guys Book Review’s Best Books of 2011 and one of the Top Ten Books of 2011 at The Turn of the Page.

And finally… The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review named Angry Robot as one of their Top Three publishers of 2011, thereby ensuring their place on the ‘Do Not Annihilate’ list when the Robot Revolution comes. A wise, wise move on their part, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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