Welcome to this week’s Robot Round-Up of what’s been happening in the AR-flavoured reaches of the Interwebs. Lots to tell you about again this week, so without further ado:

Empire State by Adam ChristopherJames Lovegrove reviewed Adam Christopher‘s Empire State for the Financial Times, saying: “If, somehow, Raymond Chandler and Philip K Dick had collaborated on a Superman story, they might well have produced this novel.” Plus: The Geek Syndicate cornered Adam last week at his UK Empire State launch at Forbidden Planet London, and interviewed him.

Eric Brown reviewed City of Light and Shadow by Ian Whates for The Guardian, saying: “A deft mix of intrigue, assassination and romance culminates in a desperate fight for Thaiburley’s existence, and along the way Whates finally reveals the true nature of the city itself. Compulsively readable.” City of Light and Shadow was also reviewed at Val’s Random Comments book blog.

Jo Anderton was a guest interviewee at PattyJansen.com, where she answered questions five (including an all-important revelation that will change the way writers think about cats forever). And Debris was reviewed a couple of times this week, by Stefan Raets at fantasyliterature.com and by Sean at Adventures of a Bookanaut.

AR author-to-be Lee Battersby – whose debut novel The Corpse-Rat King we’re publishing in the Autumn – talks about his Angry Robot Journey so far on Ripping Ozzie Reads.

Bibliophile Stalker Charles Tan has posted a review of Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. Lauren also took part in a recent Guardian Podcast on the state of SF (along with Alastair Reynolds, Michael Moorcock and Jeff Noon) – well worth a listen. (And Lauren was featured in a Variety article on the South African film industry, but it’s behind a subscriber-only paywall, so no link…)

Aliette De Bodard has shared her New Year’s Genre Resolutions over at SFSignal.com, as did our Angry Robot Podcast Supremo, Mighty Mur Lafferty.

Carpathia by Matt ForbeckMatt Forbeck‘s Carpathia (March 2012) gets much love from Fantasy Nibbles: “Pure crucifix-wielding, stake plunging goodness. With icebergs. Brilliant!”

Paul Simpson has reviewed both Pretty Little Dead Things and Dead Bad Things by Gary MacMahon over at SciFi Bulletin, here and here.

Blogger David Marshall has reviewed a trio of our titles at his Thinking About Books blog recently: Debris and Dead Bad Things again, along with Reality 36 by Guy Haley.

Livejournal blogger Gill Polack has reviewed both City of Light and Shadow (here) and Chris F. Holm‘s forthcoming Angry Robot debut, Dead Harvest (here).

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend, read lots, maybe even treat yourself to a few half-price ebooks in the Angry Robot January eBook sale, why don’t you?

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