Hello, hello and welcome to the first Robot Round-Up of 2012. And what a lot of rounded-up stuff we’ve got to tell you about this week.

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And now, on with our weekly what’s-been-happening show:

Empire State by Adam ChristopherEmpire State, the debut novel by Adam Christopher was officially published this week and the Interwebs have been abuzz with all sorts of coverage, such as:

Reviews from:

• Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing.net – “It’s often fascinating, as captivating as a kaleidoscope… just feel it in all its weird glory.”

• Eddie Robson in SFX Magazine – “[Empire State‘s] mounting chaos is authentically noir-ish and Christopher paints an effective portrait of a bleak, confused, subdued city. 4****”

• Laith Preston at DragonPage.com – “I thoroughly enjoyed the story as it unfolded. Many times as the story progressed I thought I could see the driving forces behind the plots within plots, only to discover things weren’t quite what I was thinking.”

• Antony at SF Book Reviews – “…a delight to the literary palate with a richly woven narrative, interesting ideas and above all a great story. 5*****”

• Michelle at Ranting Dragon – “…a fast paced revelation-fest that will continue to surprise even the most savvy readers.”

• Dave White at Do Some Damage – “Pick this book up … I urge you to do so. If these wild ideas keep running through Christopher’s head and he gets them down on paper he’s going to be a superstar.”

• Ros Jackson at Warpcore SF – “It’s a complex and intriguing novel: offering more puzzles every time the answers to each mystery are unlocked.”

• Erik Lundqvist at I Will Read Books – “It is not very often I read a book which just keeps on surprising me, but this is the case with Empire State. It’s a really nice situation to be in for a reader, and an excellent reason to keep turning those pages.”

Plus: Adam guest-blogged the Big Idea behind Empire State for John Scalzi’s Whatever blog, Empire State was named in the Superheronovels.com Top 5 of 2011 and you can read a three-chapter extract from Empire State at CriminalElement.com.

[Also, don’t forget that the first Worldbuilder Project at EmpireState.cc will soon be accepting creative submissions of all kinds, based on the Empire State world. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates in the very near future.]

(Meanwhile, elsewhere on Her Majesty’s Interwebs…)

Embedded by Dan AbnettDan Abnett‘s thought-provoking mil-sf novel Embedded was named runner-up in the SFBookReviews.com Book of the Year 2011 poll. (UK readers: the regular-sized paperback edition is out this month and available from all good bookstores and online retailers).

Aliette de Bodard‘s brilliant short story ‘Scattered Along the River of Heaven’ has been published by Clarkesworld Magazine in both text and audio formats.

DaveBrendon de Burgh had a holy-freaking-hell-this-is-awesome moment when reading Colin Harvey‘s Winter Song and said so in his review.

It’s still a few weeks until Chris F. Holm‘s Dead Harvest storms the bookstore shelves, but we’ve seen a couple more reviews this week, from bloggers Ed Fortune and Jacob at Drying Ink.

There’s an interview with The Damned Busters author Matthew Hughes in issue #39 of Theaker’s Quarterly which is available to download in a variety of formats from theakersquarterly.blogspot.com.

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne LyleAnne Lyle‘s The Alchemist of Souls and Chuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds were both included in A Fantastical Librarian’s watch-list for 2012 and Gav Reads’ 13 Exciting Books from January to June round-ups.

Guy Haley‘s Reality 36, Guy AdamsWorld House: Restoration and Trent Jamieson‘s Roil all feature in Erik Lundqvist’s I Will Read Books Best of 2011 selection.

David Tallerman‘s Giant Thief (published in early February!) was reviewed by Alister Davison for Starburst Magazine, who declared Giant Thief to be “a fun, entertaining read, everything a good story should be … refreshing and engrossing.” (We agree!)

Morpheus Tales #15 includes an interview with Andy Remic – whose Clockwork Vampire Chronicles Omnibus is published in March – along with reviews of Guy Haley‘s Reality 36 and David Tallerman‘s Giant Thief.

And finally, Angry Robot was named as one of Adventures Fantastic’s Four Publishers You Should be Reading in 2012. (We heartily agree with that one as well!)

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