Huge congratulations to Angry Robot author Matthew Hughes! His novel, The Other (published by Underland Press), was recently announced as one of the shortlisted titles for this year’s Philip K Dick Award.

The novel stars one of Matt’s most popular recurring characters – Luff Imbry (Old Earth’s foremost thief).

Luff has been around for a while, and Matt has written a whole bunch of great short stories starring this quite brilliant character, and to celebrate the novel’s shortlisting, Matt has given us some stories to make available in our eBook store.

There are 7 of Matt’s Luff Imbry short stories there, plus stories by many of our other authors. (Click on “Short Fiction” on the left-hand menu, or search for an author).

They’re only 59p each (or approximately US$0.79), but if you buy 10, you get them for just £3.49! (Approximately US$4.65) What a great deal!

What are you still doing here? Go, browse, download!

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