In Chuck Wendig’s Angry Robot debut, Blackbirds (May 2012), Miriam Black knows how you will die. All it takes is a briefest moment of skin-on-skin contact and she’ll have a flash, a vision, of the exact time and method of your passing.

Skull & CrossbonesA couple of weeks ago, Chuck launched a Tumblr site, This is How You Die, a collaborative trans-media project intended to explore the themes of the novel by inviting readers to submit their own thoughts on death and dying.

Anyone is welcome to participate – instructions are on the site – and submissions (all of which are moderated and selected by Chuck) can take any form the contributor sees fit or feels most comfortable with. So far they’ve ranged from prose thought-pieces to literary quotations, photography, artwork, tweets, even songs. Methods of passing range from the peacefully mundane to the apocalyptic and the bizarre.

Challenging? Definitely. Thought-provoking? Certainly. Therapeutic? Possibly; as Chuck says: “This is a collaborative story and art Tumblr where readers are encouraged to confront their their fears and fantasies about death by submitting how they believe they will die.”

If you’re interested in submitting a thought-piece or anything else of your own, the place to start is:

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