Another win for the Angry Robot Open Door Month!

We’ve just signed debut novelist, Lee Battersby for two books in a new fantasy series. The first title – The Corpse-Rat King – will be published in the autumn of next year, with the second to follow in 2013. The deal included world English rights in physical and electronic formats.

In the highly imaginative The Corpse-Rat King, readers are introduced to Marius Helles as he plunders the bodies of the dead after a major battle – a crime punishable by death. The dead tell Marius that they need a King – the King is God’s representative, and they need someone to speak to God and remind him where they are, thank you very much! He doesn’t actually want the job, but when the alternative is to deny a legion of angry corpses, it’s that or find a suitable compromise – and quickly: the dead aren’t known for their patience…

The deal was negotiated by Angry Robot editor Lee Harris, and Battersby’s agent Richard Henshaw of the Richard Henshaw Group, after The Corpse-Rat King came to Angry Robot’s attention during their first Open Door Month open submission period, in March this year.

British-born Battersby, who now lives in Australia, said: “To publish a novel has been a long-held dream. To achieve it with such a progressive and forward-thinking publisher, based in the town of my birth, just makes it all the more special. Angry Robot think about speculative fiction the same way I do – that it is a warped and twisted fabric that should be used to pervert the minds of the young and the innocent.”

Editor, Lee Harris stated: “Lee’s twisted worldview is ideal for Angry Robot’s many followers. The Corpse-Rat King is a great read – funny, exciting and very, very addictive – and by making sure Lee is busy writing, we’re keeping him away from decent folk!”


Note on the next Open Door submission period
Following the success of this year’s Open Door Month (we’ve signed three authors from it, so far), we’re likely to run it again in the spring. We’ve not yet decided exactly when, or what format it will take. Keep your eyes peeled for more info, though, as details will be posted here, closer to the time. In the meantime, our standard submissions policy applies.


  1. Congratulations Lee!

  2. Outstanding news, Lee! Your short stories are fantastic. Can’t wait for THE CORPSE-RAT KING. Congratulations!

  3. Grats Lee…couldn’t happen to a nicer automaton! You’re the 2nd most brilliant appliance in the group!

  4. Congratulations! Way to go!

  5. Congratulations, Lee! I look forward to meeting Marius!

  6. Thanks, guys. I’m absolutely rapt, as you can imagine (or in Jo’s case, remember), and really looking forward to seeing the publishing process from somewhere near the inside. Now all I have to do is write the sequel and persuade the Angry Robot Overlords that I have a better title for it than the one I pitched… 🙂

  7. Well done, Lee. You must feel fantastic!

  8. Congratulations, Lee! Awesome news!

  9. How exciting -SO looking forward to reading this! CONGRATS Lee!

  10. Good on you Lee! I’m sure this will be the start of many successes!

  11. Well done, both Lees – loved the title when I first heard about it, so I’m glad it’s going to get an airing at last!

  12. You’ve signed both the Lees!

    Congrats, Lee B. 🙂