Hello and welcome to the final Robot Round-up of 2011. We’ve unchained ourselves from our desks and will be recharging our circuits for the next ten days or so, which means no round-up next week. But keep those links coming and we’ll be back in January with a fresh batch. In the meantime, here’s what’s been happing in Angry Robot world since the last round-up went live:

Empire State by Adam ChristopherIn the run-up to the official January 5th publication date, the online buzz for Adam Christopher‘s Empire State is starting to reach the proverbial fever pitch, with mentions in Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell’s Best of 2011 for Forbidden Planet International, Fantasy Nibbles’ Top Reads of 2011, Fantastical Librarian’s most-anticipated in 2012 list. We’ve also seen full reviews this week from Adventures Fantastic, Staffer’s Musings and A Fantastical Librarian.

Some people are already getting equally excited by the prospect of Anne Lyle‘s The Alchemist of Souls, notably Rose Fox over at Publisher’s Weekly, who says: A “comedy of terrors” set in Elizabethan England – just my sort of thing.

Madeline Ashby – 2012 Angry Robot debut author of vN – points the way to three thought-provoking pieces on gender in genre fiction and fandom, over on her blog.

Paul S. Kemp – another 2012 Angry Robot debutant, with The Hammer and the Blade – has revealed his three favourite books of 2011. And Lauren Beukes has posted Part II of her 2011 Recommended Reading List.

Pete Crowther‘s Darkness Falling (out now) was reviewed for the Wag The Fox blog’s Rabid Reads column and Matt Forbeck’s Carpathia (March 2012) gets an early mention from Gill Polack via her Livejournal page.

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmR Thomas Brown takes a look at Chris F. Holm‘s forthcoming (March 2012) debut Dead Harvest for Spinetingler Magazine and concludes: “This is a novel that appeals to lovers of crime fiction, fantasy and the best elements of pulp fiction.”

And some love for Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis, as The Occult Detective names it as Best Occult Detective Novel (2011).

Trent Jamieson‘s fantastical Roil was named by Jeff Vandermeer in his Omnivoracious.com round-up of ‘Unique Fantasy, SF, and Horror You Might Have Missed’ in 2011. And Gary MacMahon‘s Dead Bad Things was named the winner of the ‘Notably Macabre 2011’ prize over at Spooky Reads.

Lavie Tidhar has posted a brand new short story on his blog: ‘Enter the Dragon. Later, Enter Another’. And Lavie’s Bookman Histories series has been touted as one to look out for on Laura Kramarsky’s Women of Mystery blog.

…and that, as they say, is that for 2011. You meat-sacks have a fantastic holiday season (whatever you preference and practices) and a terrific New Year* (assuming you celebrate it on January 1st), and we’ll see you all back here in 2012 for lots more astoundingly great Angry Robot stuff.

[*Please note, failure to comply with this edict from your Robot Overlords will result in suitably jolly and festive termination. That is all.]

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