Welcome once again to our regular Friday round-up of all that’s new and interesting in the world of Angry Robot. This week we kick off with:

Our very own Lee Harris has been interviewed by Spooky Reads as part of a new series of interviews with UK genre publishing folk about the current state of and future prospects for the publishing industry.

Debris, by Jo AndertonJo Anderton‘s Debris has been named one of US periodical Library Journal‘s SF/Fantasy Books of the Year for 2011. Which deserves a cheer, we think: Yaaay!

Dan Abnett‘s Triumff is the latest AR title to feature in Red Rook Review’s “review every Angry Robot book, ever” series and here’s the verdict.

Justin Landon names Zoo City and Empire State in his SFSignal.com best of 2011 list, part I (technically, Empire State is a January 2012 book even though it’s on-shelf date in the US is December 27th, but we feel it might be rude to quibble, so we won’t). Lavie Tidhar is one of the contributors to that piece as well.

Lauren Beukes has been asking her friends what they’d recommend by way of ideal reading gifts this holiday season (this is just part one, part two will follow at the end of the week). And Zoo City has been reviewed by TheUrbanEagle this week as well, who conclded: “I can’t imagine a young South African and/or a fan of fresh absurdities in Urban Fantasy not enjoying this book.”

Empire State by Adam ChristopherGail Carriger, author of the Parasol Portectorate series, has been chatting to a certain Mr Adam Christopher about such things as the Empire State drinking game, Adam’s writerly enivronment, his aberrant ice-cream preferences, Carrie Fisher c. 1977 and, of course, the vital importance of The Jacket. There’s all sorts of other weird and wonderful things thrown in for good measure. Go, read!

Adam has also posted details of where to find his Empire State playlist of tunes to accompany your reading of his superhero noir debut.

Guy Haley has some advice for writers and reviewers alike in a blog on reviewing and being reviewed entitled the agonies of criticism. Wise words from a self-confessed somewhat snarky former reviewer turned published writer and, therefore, review-receiver.

Liviu Suciu of Fantasy Book Critic is particularly looking forward to a number of titles in 2012, including Lavie Tidhar‘s The Great Game.

More advice for writers and would-be writers: Chuck Wendig‘s rather excellent “25 Things Writers Should Know About…” series continues with a sage and not-at-all-sweary piece on handling rejection. (Okay, we lied, it’s quite sweary. But still very, very good.)

And finally, the second in the apparently ongoing @KristalShaff Angry Robot Face Painting Series is a nifty bit of time-lapse artistry inspired by Andy Remic‘s Vampire Warlords:

That’s your lot for another week! Next week’s Robot Round-up might be posted on Thursday, might be posted on Friday, depending. The week after that we’ll all be taking a week off so there’ll be no Robot Round-up at all (please do try not to be too bitterly disappointed) and then we’ll be back on our regular schedule in 2012.

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