Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the latest Angry Robot Links round-up. It’s been another busy, busy week on the Interwebs, so without further palaver and to-do:

SFBook.com have announced the shortlist for their SFBook of the Year 2011 poll and two of those titles are ours: Dan Abnett‘s Embedded and Maurice Broaddus‘s King’s War. Both brilliant books, of course, and both deserving of at least few hundred more votes, we reckon. >cough< You’re still here..?

Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero. by Dan AbnettMeanwhile, Mr. Abnett‘s Triumff was on the receiving end of what can really only be described as a rave review, courtesy of Red Rook Review’s “review every AR book, ever” strand. And his comics writing projects were featured in a Beyond the Bunker Practicioners piece this week.

Jo Anderton has posted a selection of pics from the Debris launch party at UNSW on her blog, with a more extensive set on Facebook (warning: includes images of chocolate robots and cake that some viewers may find delicious – no licking the screen…)

Lauren Beukes‘s Arthur C. Clarke Award-Winning Zoo City (you know, we just never get tired of saying that) has been reviewed by Kristy G. Stewart for LooseleafLeaflets.

Another couple of Maurice Broaddus mentions: firstly as the star of the hilarious 97th SF Signal Podcast and secondly, a blog post from Maurice with details of his 2012 convention appearances.

Empire State by Adam ChristopherAdam Christopher was the recipient of much love this week. First up (and the one that had Adam literally dancing around the room) was Billy (The Rocketeer) Campbell’s comments on Empire State, which went like this: “As it happens, I’m a sucker for hard-boiled retro sci-fi stories; rocket-powered superheroes, spunky dames, fedoras, Studebakers slewing round gritty Gotham street-corners on two wheels, and Adam Christopher sure knows his way around a tightly spun yarn – I was as happy as a pig in poop from page one! As they say: This story? She’s a real sweater-full, with a great pair’a getaway sticks… Watch out for this Adam kid, he’s nobody’s sap. He’s got a sharp nib and a sharper wit. He’d steal your last few hours before you could say ‘cat’s pajamas’, and you’d thank him for it.”

There was also a cracking review from ‘Bane of Kings’ at TheFoundingFields.com: “…what I found in these pages blew me away … I think we may be looking at one of the best debut authors of 2012 already!”

Aliette de Bodard was interviewed by Jacob Topp-Mugglestone Drying Ink blog and talked about breaking genre expectations, world-building, Aztec civilisation, human sacrifice and much more. Aliette also posted an article on writing technique entitled ‘Playing To Your Strengths, Playing to Your Weaknesses’ at The Night Bazaar.

Matt Forbeck has been talking to legendary geek webcomic Dork Tower about his ’12 for 12′ Kickstarter project (and they snuck in a mention for Amortals as well). And Producer Paul has posted his review of Vegas Knights.

Roil, by Trent JamiesonTrent Jamieson‘s Roil was reviewed at Dragon Page by Laith Preston, who said things like: “Trent Jamieson’s Roil, the first book in The Nightbound Land duology, promises… and delivers.” Trent also runs through his Xmas book wishlist in a Book Corner Christmas Special (we’ll pass on the Cinzano thanks, Trent.)

Gary MacMahon‘s Dead Bad Things has been named on the Horror Book of the Year shortlist. Which is a Good Thing, we feel.

And there are a couple of early reviews in for Giant Thief (Feb 2012) by David Tallerman; first a mini-review from Publisher’s Weekly and also an elegantly minimalist review of the first line of the book from Mad Hatter’s Book Review: “This line did exactly what a first line should do: pull the reader in.”

Red Rook’s “review every AR book, ever” programme is back and this time it’s Lavie Tidhar‘s The Bookman that’s under review: “…an intelligent, clever book, that creates a wonderfully complex secondary world … as well-constructed as a Swiss cuckoo clock and as readable as any genre fiction being written today.”

And finally, that man Chuck Wendig has posted a few thoughts on the Seduction of Self-Publishing. Wise words from Chuck, there. Wise words.

Right, that’s all from AR HQ for this week! Have a great weekend. And remember: Be Good, and if you can’t Be Good, then Be Damn Sure They’re Not Going to Catch You.

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