Hello and welcome to our regular round-up of Angry Robot author activity from around the Internets. Without further ado, here’s this week’s selection:

Jo Anderton was interviewed by David Conyers on the subject of her short story ‘Out Hunting For Teeth’, which will be appearing in issue #6 of Midnight Echo, the Australian Horror Writers Association magazine.

Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes (UK Paperback)In the wake of this week’s announcement of the Zoo City TV/Movie rights deal, Lauren Beukes has been speaking to Bizcommunity.com and The Mail and Guardian about the project.

An interview with Knights of Breton Court creator Maurice Broaddus was the main feature of the latest SpeculateSF podcast. Maurice also revealed the contents of his to-be-read book pile, including Chris F. Holm‘s forthcoming debut Dead Harvest (March 2012).

Adam Christopher‘s forthcoming debut novel, Empire State (January 2012) has been getting some attention this week, with reviews from fantasynibbles.com and Livejournaller Gill Polack. Plus, a top-10 shortlist mention in Kirkus’ Science Fiction and Fantasy for December 2011 watch-list, and The Ranting Dragon’s 5 Most Anticipated December Releases as well. Meanwhile, Adam has been telling The Night Bazaar about his lifelong love of Doctor Who stories.

Peter Crowther‘s first Forever Twilight instalment, Darkness Falling, has been reviewed by David Marshall for his ‘Thinking About Books’ blog, by and Silver Thistle for ‘The Bookshelf Chronicles’ and by Mike Chinn for The British Fantasy Society.

Nathan McKnight has produced an Obsidian & Blood glossary for the Kindle, to help Aliette De Bodard readers keep track of all those Aztec names and their meanings. Aliette was also interviewed by Jeremy L. C. Jones for Clarkesworld Magazine.

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmBack in November Chris F. Holm was interviewed by R Thomas Brown for Crime Fiction Lover about his love of crime fiction, his recent short fiction collection 8 Pounds and, of course, Dead Harvest (March 2012).

Paul S Kemp is posting a series of excerpts from his forthcoming (July 2012) fantasy saga The Hammer and The Blade (July 2012). He’s just posted the second one and the first is here if you missed it.

Over on her blog, Anne Lyle, author of The Alchemist of Souls (March 2012), reveals the cunning visual reference methodology with which she plots fight scenes (hey, I guess that’ll be the same bleeding-edge character animation software last seen in the truly epic Lord of the Rings movie battle sequences..? eh? What’s that? Not the fancy software? So what does she..? Playmobil figures? Cool..!)

A second round-up mention for reviewer Gill Polack; this time she’s posted her review of David Tallerman‘s forthcoming (February 2012) debut novel Giant Thief.

Matt Forbeck was interviewed by Rick Novy for his ‘Entropy Central’ blog, talking about writing, game design and his ongoing ’12 for 12′ Kickstarter project.

There’s much love for Chuck Wendig as Andrea Philips turns the Creative Spotlight on his projects past, present and, er, projected, for her ‘Deus Ex Machinatio’ blog.

And finally, a rollerskating duck. Oh, no, it’s our Marco, live and uncensored, in the Nottingham online magazine Left Lion.

…and that’s your lot for this week. Have a great weekend!

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