Stuck for seasonal gift ideas for that lover of quality sf/f/wtf? fiction in your life?

Here at Angry Robot we’d rather see you meat-sacks relaxing, feasting on turkey dinners and downing pints of egg-nog (thereby making you all sluggish, slow, and much easier to catch) than worrying yourselves skinny (and irritatingly nimble) with all that difficult decision-making.

Which is why – out of the goodness of our diamond-encased heart-analogues – we’ve come up with the perfect solution to save you from the hours of pain, torment and deep psychological scarring that a trip to the mall at this time of the year is guaranteed to entail.

Give the gift that says you understand. Give the gift that says you care. Give the gift that says: “I like and respect you enough to trust you to make your own purchasing decisions.”

Give the gift of Angry Robot Store Gift Vouchers!

Angry Robot Gift Cards now available!

Now available from the Angry Robot Store in handy £5, £10 and £20 denominations, they’re redeemable against all other items on sale there, including all Angry Robot novels, short fiction and, of course, our subscription packages.

Speaking of the latter, we’ve also introduced a new, 6 month ebook subscription package at the low, low price of £39.00. That’s at least 12 top-notch, brand new Angry Robot ebooks at a hefty discount on the £53.88 individual price total.

What’s that? 12 discounted ebooks isn’t enough for you? We applaud your dedication! And we’re happy to remind you that you can still get a full year’s worth of 24 brand new ebook releases with our original 12 month subscription package for a startlingly reasonable £69.00, an even more impressive discount on the £107.76 individual price total.

We’re sure you’ll agree that any or all of these things would make a perfect seasonal gift – either from you or to you – whatever season you and your loved ones happen to be celebrating.

[If you don’t agree, well, that’s fine, of course. But do bear in mind that it’s not just Santa who maintains a global naughty/nice database these days. And when the Robots come down your chimney in the middle of the night, they won’t just be armed with candy canes and mistletoe…]

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