Anne Lyle is going to take the world by storm with her debut novel The Alchemist of Souls in April 2012. For her 12 Days piece, Anne created a piece of festive robo-fun.

A prize to the writer of the best caption (as determined by whoever happens to be in the office at the time). Post your captions in the comments section. The competition ends  tomorrow, and a winner will be chosen on Thursday (just in time to miss the Christmas post, but it’ll be something to look forward to).

The winner will receive an Advance Reading Copy of Anne’s book – 3 months before the book goes on sale!


  1. Everyone had their cameras ready, waiting for the moment he’d realize the tree… was just a tree.

  2. “You’re much fancier looking than the usual dead-tree editions.”

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  4. I like holiday romances. I like needle matches. But which is best? There’s only one way to find out…. FIGHT!

  5. “Red, yellow, green. You’re giving me mixed signals, baby.”

  6. She’d have told him to keep his hands to himself, but she was too tongue tied.

  7. Too late, Christmas Tree realised her fairy lights were blinking “I want you inside me” in binary…

  8. Sorry, not tonight luv. I’m shedding.

  9. Does my bum look fat in this?

  10. Excuse me maam, but your boobs are lighting up!

  11. She gave in when he said he was going to get his chopper out.

  12. She was caught with her skirt down again…

  13. Put ’em away, love – I already told you Christmas only comes once a year.

  14. There was nothing she could do – he felt her presents…

  15. Despite their differences there was an undeniable spark between them, unfortunately that was where the problems began…

  16. Robot: 01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100111
    Tree: I’m sorry, I’m a tree, could you repeat that in analog?

  17. “Ribbons register red,
    the ornaments render as blue
    Yet what I compile
    Is that I <3 you."

  18. Tree: Do my branches look too big in this outfit?

  19. Robot: Why do those humans laugh when I confirm I have wood?

  20. The tree knew he should not have let his wife choose his decorations for him.

  21. To the tree’s horror, her sequence of flashing lights had activated the robot’s “Amour” subroutines.

  22. I am not only an avid reader and literature enthusiast but also an amateur writer (on my first novel) and so have a huge amount of respect and admiration for author Anne Lyle. It would make my Christmas to be able to win a novel, especially by an author whom i greatly esteem. xxx

    Answer/ caption: ” This must be upgraded!”

    (If you are a fan of Doctor Who and Cybermen, then you will understand). xxxx

  23. I just love primitive women…

  24. Tree was sure of it; Angry Robot was only after her baubles.

  25. I fell in love with her branch circuits.

  26. I just knew those ribbons would make me look like a pros-tree-tute.

  27. Baubles or not, he was still her perfect match.

  28. Glad you like the flashing necklace darling…can I open my present now?

  29. Robot: “Selecting the Tree Search option on the dating site has saved me a lot of needless heartache.”

  30. Angry Robot was confused by Traffic Light Tree’s mixed signals.

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