It’s been a busy, busy week in the Angry Robot themed bits of the Interwebs, so without further ado, here’s what we’ve spotted, bookmarked, earmarked or hypothetically scent-marked since our last round-up piece:

Debris, by Jo AndertonJo Anderton‘s Debris made it into Library Journal‘s Top 10 SF/F of 2011 list, along with the comment: “An accomplished debut reminiscent of the visionary works of China Miéville.”

Debris was also reviewed at, where reviewer Laith Preston said: “I would highly recommend Debris to any fan of Sci-Fi or Fantasy. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in the Veiled World Trilogy, Suited“.

It’s been a particularly busy week for Lauren Beukes. First off, Lauren was was cited in an Independent on Sunday article on tghe subject of How women are winning sci-fi’s battle of the sexes. Lauren said: “The stuff I was reading in my teens were books like the Dragonlance Chronicles, and there were really strong female characters in those… There is more of a stage now for female writers.”

Next up, an article by Richard Bowker of the Dictionary Unit for South African English posted an article on the use of South African English and multilingual slang in Zoo City.

Lauren was also interviewed for Pakistan’s City FM 89 radio’s City Cast View show and for the If You’re Just Joining Us podcast.

And finally, Lauren reported for the Mail & Guardian Zoo City themed art exhibition called ‘Dark City’ that “explores themes of xenophobia, city life, suburbia and paranoia” as inspired by the novel.

Empire State by Adam ChristopherAdam Christopher was interviewed by The Qwillery on the subject of his forthcoming debut novel Empire State and the blending of science fiction and noir.

The Canadian podcast Squideye and The Bitter Guy talked to Matt Forbeck about his forthcoming Angry Robot title Carpathia and his 12 For Twelve Kickstarter project.

The new Paranormal Special Edition issue of SFX Magazine is on-sale now and features a short story by our very own Guy Haley.

Fantasy author Adrian Tchaikovsky posted an article on the resurgence of the thief-character in fantasy fiction and highlighted a certain dashing rogue by the name of Easie Damasco, star of David Tallerman‘s forthcoming Angry Robot debut, Giant Thief. turned their author spotlight on Lavie Tidhar, mainly to talk to him about the short story he wrote for them but also to ask after his current and forthcoming projects, which include the third part of his Bookman Histories, The Great Game

Lavie is also featured, along with Aliette de Bodard, in this week’s SF Signal podcast on the subject of recommended international authors.

There’s an in-depth interview with Gav Thorpe on Stefan Fergus’s Civilian Reader blog, which covers his current Crown of the Blood series for Angry Robot and his Warhammer novels, as well as his influences, writing practices and his opinion of the genre today.

Kaaron Warren contributed to article on Women Writing Horror by recommending a few of her favourite female horror writers.

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