Like most successful publishers, Angry Robot only accepts submissions through literary agencies. Earlier this year, however, we ran a pilot programme to see how many unpublished – but talented – authors there were without representation. During March, we invited all unagented authors to submit completed manuscripts as part of an “Open Door Month”. We received over 990 novels during that period – or 30 per day! That’s a lot of reading!

Today, we are absolutely delighted to announce the first acquisitions to come through that process. Two new authors, each with deal for at least two novels, have now joined the Angry Robot family. And there will be more to announce in the weeks to come.

Cassandra Rose Clarke is an important and versatile new talent. The Mad Scientist’s Daughter is the heartbreaking story of the journey from childhood to adulthood, with an intriguing science fictional twist. Her other book for Angry Robot is The Assassin’s Curse – a fantastical romp, starring Ananna, a no-nonsense lady pirate, born into pirate royalty. Cassandra stated, “I’m beyond excited to have Angry Robot publishing my first-ever novel, and not only because of the delightful coincidence that my novel involves a robot who is, on occasion, angry. Angry Robot’s reputation is stellar and their author list incredibly impressive – I’m humbled to be included amongst their ranks!”

Eagle-eyed followers of Angry Robot may have noticed a couple of months ago that AR Editor, Lee Harris, tweeted about a book he was reading on the train – a book that so moved him that on reaching his destination, he had to finish it, sitting on the railway platform in the rain. That book was The Mad Scientist’s Daughter. But contrary to eye-witness statements, those were not tears rolling down his face. Just rain. OK? Just rain. Anyway… see the game last night? <note to self: insert other manly things here, before this post goes live>

We take a somewhat darker turn with an astonishing pair of books from Lee CollinsThe Dead of Winter and She Returns From War. Both novels follow Cora Oglesby, a bounty hunter with a reputation for working supernatural cases, and for always getting her man… creature… whatever. Lee said, “Having been steeped in science fiction and fantasy since infancy, I’m perfectly comfortable with the idea of joining an army of robots in their rampage across the globe. Still, as excited as I am at the prospect of rubbing shoulders with Angry Robot’s outstanding authors (among whom I will surely feel like the tag-along kid brother), publication was really a secondary goal of my submitting to them. My primary reason was the hope, however slim, of cybernetic augmentation.”

Both authors’ debut novels will be published by Angry Robot in autumn 2012, with their second books scheduled for spring 2013.

And what of the next Open Door Month? Will there be one?
A good question – we’re glad you asked. Following the success of the project, we expect to run a similar Open Door period in spring 2012, details of which are to be confirmed at a later date. So don’t ask us about it yet, because we don’t know the details. When we do, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. Or perhaps opening a window and shouting it through there, instead – it can get quite windy on those rooftops, you know!



  1. Congratulations to both Cassandra and Lee, having learn’t about the “Open Door Month” two days after it closed and only three days after I completed my own first manuscript;- The Unsired Book One; Vampire Hunter, it goes without saying that I’m extremely jealous of you both, but I’m now tempered by the news that another such opportunity will arise in the Spring of 2012. That will of course be in our Autumn since I live downunder in Australia. I wish you both every success and will be following how things progress for you both, as well as looking forward to reading your work.
    Lee Duke

  2. Huzzah! Welcome!

    Also welcome Cassandra to Team Decker (we now share an agent)!

  3. Many congrats to both authors.

  4. Grats guys! Well deserved!

  5. Congrats Lee and Cassandra. So excited (and equally as jealous) for the both of you!

  6. It was the *rain*, dammit!

  7. Well all of those sound absolutely awesome. Plus, I do love a book that makes me cry… not like Alistair Maclean’s The Guns of Navarone which merely brought a tear to my eye when it landed on my foot. Can’t wait to read these!

  8. They all sound awesome, but particularly “The Mad Scientist’s Daughter”. For some reason I cry most at weepy robot books (c.f. Tanith Lee’s “The Silver Metal Lover”).

  9. Spectacular! I want to read these books now! Congratulations to both authors!