Today the Angry Robot machine grows one step closer to total world domination.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we had managed to assimilate Darren Turpin into our mecha-mind. Today that process is complete, and he begins his work as our Digital and Marketing Manager*.

Please join us in welcoming him to the Angry Robot family.


*Possibly Marketing and Digital Manager. Also possibly Manager of Marking Digits (though much less likely) or Manager of Digitising Marcs (hmmmm…)


  1. If you hear anyone say “You will be assimilated, you will-uh be like-uh uzzz….” just run…

  2. Hello everyone – many thanks for the warm welcomes. I’m down at AR HQ right now, being introduced, indoctrinated and measured up for something (hopefully a new suit, but I fear more likely those aforementioned implants) and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks, months and beyond. Cheers!

  3. How do!

  4. Darren bears more than a passing resemblance to both Lee and Marc – I suspect cloning vats…

  5. May you live long and prosper!

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