Seriously, we dare ya!

(The photo is Kristal Shaff posting at the Absolute Write forum – The Waiting Club thread).


  1. Fan-friggin-tastic, Kristal! Hope you’ll reapply for trick-or-treaters next weekend. Quack like a Dalek, and you’ll need a rake to gather all the candy those fleeing kids will drop!

  2. And after all, aren’t we all just a little bit angry, and a little bit robotic, and just a little bit, uh, Java-ey, inside?

    Doug, you should get a whole-face tattoo of the Javabot. That’d show ’em!

  3. LOl okay, now that is just too cool 😀

  4. I dare not challenge the Mighty JavaBot. She rooolz all. My talk of a tattoo was a hollow, despairing bleet before I admitted defeat.

  5. Awesome job, Javabot!

  6. All hail the mighty JavaBot!

    Oh no, don’t dare us to top it…Doug did mention something about a tattoo…

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