Here are the titles you can look forward to between now and June 2012. Woo-hoooooo!

Debris / Jo Anderton
Darkness Falling / Peter Crowther
Dead Bad Things / Gary McMahon (US/Canada)

Master of the House of Darts / Aliette de Bodard
King’s War / Maurice Broaddus

Empire State / Adam Christopher
City of Light and Shadow / Ian Whates
Embedded / Dan Abnett (UK B-format edition)

Giant Thief / David Tallerman
The Great Game / Lavie Tidhar

Dead Harvest / Chris F Holm
Carpathia / Matt Forbeck
The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles (omnibus) / Andy Remic

The Alchemist of Souls / Anne Lyle
Omega Point / Guy Haley
Costume Not Included / Matthew Hughes

Blackbirds / Chuck Wendig
Evil Dark / Justin Gustainis
The Nekropolis Archives (omnibus) / Tim Waggoner

Strangeness and Charm / Mike Shevdon
Night’s Engines / Trent Jamieson
Sixty-One Nails (reissue) / Mike Shevdon
The Road to Bedlam (reissue) / Mike Shevdon

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  1. OK… just the must-have titles:
    Master of the House of Darts
    Empire State
    The Great Game
    The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles
    Night’s Engines

    And therer are some books in my shelf still in need of reading… *sigh*
    We need to insert an eigth day (let’s call it Fraturday) into the week so I have time to read…

  2. Yowza! And may I echo Keith’s sentiment; oh, and also THE GREAT GAME & CARPATHIA please?!

  3. They certainly are. And it certainly is. 🙂

  4. Are they all included in the subscription? If so that has just become enormously good value. Insanely good value in fact!

  5. I will take my copy of “The Alchemist of Souls” and “Empire State” now please.

  6. Can’t wait for all of these books!

  7. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for AR.

  8. Woot woot! There are some damn fine books in that lot. Not sure which book I am most looking forward to.

    Keep up the great work and people like me will continue buying your books.

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