Here are the titles you can look forward to between now and June 2012. Woo-hoooooo!

Debris / Jo Anderton
Darkness Falling / Peter Crowther
Dead Bad Things / Gary McMahon (US/Canada)

Master of the House of Darts / Aliette de Bodard
King’s War / Maurice Broaddus

Empire State / Adam Christopher
City of Light and Shadow / Ian Whates
Embedded / Dan Abnett (UK B-format edition)

Giant Thief / David Tallerman
The Great Game / Lavie Tidhar

Dead Harvest / Chris F Holm
Carpathia / Matt Forbeck
The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles (omnibus) / Andy Remic

The Alchemist of Souls / Anne Lyle
Omega Point / Guy Haley
Costume Not Included / Matthew Hughes

Blackbirds / Chuck Wendig
Evil Dark / Justin Gustainis
The Nekropolis Archives (omnibus) / Tim Waggoner

Strangeness and Charm / Mike Shevdon
Night’s Engines / Trent Jamieson
Sixty-One Nails (reissue) / Mike Shevdon
The Road to Bedlam (reissue) / Mike Shevdon

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  1. Woot woot! There are some damn fine books in that lot. Not sure which book I am most looking forward to.

    Keep up the great work and people like me will continue buying your books.

  2. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year for AR.

  3. Can’t wait for all of these books!

  4. I will take my copy of “The Alchemist of Souls” and “Empire State” now please.

  5. Are they all included in the subscription? If so that has just become enormously good value. Insanely good value in fact!

  6. They certainly are. And it certainly is. 🙂

  7. Yowza! And may I echo Keith’s sentiment; oh, and also THE GREAT GAME & CARPATHIA please?!

  8. OK… just the must-have titles:
    Master of the House of Darts
    Empire State
    The Great Game
    The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles
    Night’s Engines

    And therer are some books in my shelf still in need of reading… *sigh*
    We need to insert an eigth day (let’s call it Fraturday) into the week so I have time to read…

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