Well personally I think we should have one of these every week.. but I’m told this is, for now, a one-off special event for all our Antipodean chums.

If you’re going to Conflux, Australia’s premier SF convention, at the end of the month, be sure to join a trio of our best authors for some metallic fun and games. Out in force and pressing the flesh of all you grateful meat-things will be local Robot representatives Jo Anderton, Trent Jamieson and Kaaron Warren, for a full hour of meet & greet & readings plus (we’re told/warned) some appropriately AR-themed refreshments.

Oh, if only we could be there too… (don’t finish that sentence).


  1. I went! I ate awesome robot cakes and drank robot fuel (red and bubbly). The authors did a lovely job and lured all of us into wanting more. Please do this again sometime! (though next time, I want to win the robot prize, please)

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