Announcing our second new series this week! Feeling jetlagged yet?

Canadian writer Madeline Ashby has a Master’s degree in Manga and Anime, and writes on such matters for and io9 (and soon BoingBoing too!). For her day job, she works as a consultant on future trends in technology. It’s no wonder, then, that her debut novel is a scintillating science fiction epic set in the near-future, where robots and humans live side by side. And it’s being published by us here Angry Robot – who else?

vN introduces us to Amy. She’s been grown in a stable family environment, with her robot mother and human father. But alone of all her kind, her human-protecting failsafe has stopped working for some reason. Soon she’s on the run from the law, and worse – everyone’s after her, some to use her as a weapon, others to destroy her. Her sole friend is a robot boy who’s programmed to only like humans. This is pure science fiction entertainment, combining a stunning extrapolation of a robot future with bravura kick-ass Manga-inspired action – think Philip K Dick meets Joss Whedon.

Madeline Ashby commented, “Having just written a novel about angry robots, it seemed natural I should partner up with Angry Robot. Luckily they believed in this story just as much as I did, and they’ve been wonderfully supportive throughout. When I tell my friends that I’m working with them, they’re always impressed. I feel like I’m in good hands. Strong, steely, hydraulically-powered hands.”

Madeline has signed to Angry Robot for two books in the Von Neumann Sisters sequence, in a deal arranged between publishing director Marc Gascoigne and Monica Pacheco of the Anne McDermid Agency in Toronto. vN will be published in the US and UK in August 2012, with a sequel to follow the year after. This is going to own.

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